History of Camp Bonnie Brae Ashes

Ashes from the following campfires have been added to the campfires of Camp Bonnie Brae.

1933 Majawa, Knoxville, Iowa
1933 Wildcat Canyon, El Dorado, Iowa
1936 Wildcat Canyon, El Dorado, Iowa
1946 Mitigum, Locos, Iowa
1948 Waubeck, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
1949 Waknoda, Glenwood, Iowa
1949 World Conference, Camp Edith Macy, NY
1950 Iowa River Valley, Iowa City, Iowa
1950 National Jamboree, Valley Forge, PA
1952 Rocky Mtn Scout Camp, Philmont, NM
1952 USA Roundup
1953 National Jamboree, Irvine Ranch, CA
1954 Rocky Mtn Scout Camp, Philmont, NM
1955 Camp Baldy, Philmont. NM
1956 OA Council Fire, Camp Freedom, Germany
1956 USA Regional Roundup
1956 USA, Camp Hena, Dowing, NM
1957 Australia, Regional Roundup
1957 Canada, Regional Roundup
1957 England, World Jamboree, Sutton Colfield
1957 Germany, OA Council Fire, Camp Freedom,
1957 Scotland, International Roundup
1957 USA, Camp Dale Ressler, NM
1957 USA, National Jamboree, Valley Forge, PA
1957 USA, National Roundup
1958 International Scout Chalet, Adelboden
1958 OA Conclave, Yucca Council, El Paso, TX
1958 OA Council Fire, Camp Freedom, Germany
1959 National Junior Roundup
1959 USA, Regional Roundup
1959 USA, Roundup, Minot AFB, Senior Troop 98, ND
1959 USA, Wood Badge Course, Camp Dale Ressler, NM
1960 USA National Roundup, CO & MD
1960 USA, OA Conclave,Philmont, NM
1961 CANADA Kelowna, British Columbia Girl Guides Camp
1961 Germany, International Campfire
1961 OA Conclave, Buffalo Trail
1961 Switzerland Our Chalet Roundup
1961 USA Roundup
1962  Switzerland International Campfire, Our Chalet
1962 USA Roundup, Vermont
1963 OA Conclave, White Sands, NM
1963 Switzerland Our Chalet
1963 USA, All State Campout
1964 USA Roundup, Vermont
1964 USA, All State Arizona Project
1964 USA, National Jamboree, Valley Forge, PA
1964 USA, Senior Campout
1965 2nd Pan American Jamboree, Rio de Janerio, Brazil
1965 Canada, Tierra del Oro, Kelowna BC Gypsy Tour fire lit by Lady Baden Powell
1965 USA All State Arizona Project
1965 USA All State Campout, AZ
1965 USA Senior Campout, North Dakota
1965 USA, Cadette Troop Campout
1965 USA, Camp Mary White, NM  
1965 USA, Shadow Ridge Campout, ND  
1966 Belgium, International Camp  
1966 Canada, Cadette Troop Camp, Tierra del Oro, BC
1966 Holland Girl Guides  
1966 USA, Cadette Campout ND  
1966 USA, Cadette Troop 20 Campout  
1966 USA, Camp Mary White, NM  
1967 Canada Centennial Celebration  
1967 Germany, Girl Scouts & Girl Guides TOFS
1967 India, Kalyama Jamboree  
1967 USA, 12th World Jamboree, Farragut State Park, ID
1967 USA, Cadette Campout ND  
1967 USA, Roswell GS Camp, NM  
1968 Camp San Isabel, Pueblo, CO  
1968 Taiwan, est. Camp McCauley  
1968 Taiwan, Jungle Survival  
1968 USA, Cadette Campout ND  
1968 USA, Quachita Ramble, Arkansas  
1968 USA, Senior troop Camping, Peace Gardens
1969 Republic of China, Jungle Survival  
1969 Sid Richardson Scout Ranch, TX  
1969 USA, Wyoming Rendezvous, Nat'l Center West
1970 Belgium, Training Camp, Fresnayne  
1970 Germany, Leader’s Training Tompkin’s Forest
1970 Germany, Leaders Training, Achewelserger
1970 Germany, Petershof Odenwald Guide Camp
1970 Germany, PSG Promise Ceremony, Peteishif, Erback
1970 Germany, Training Camp Schwetzingen Forest
1970 India, Maharas Thra Jamboree  
1970 UK, Diamond Jubilee Camp, Lancashire, England
1970 USA National Center West, Wyoming Rendezvous
1970 USA, Action ‘70 Weekend  
1970 USA, Candles to Capsules, Williamsburg, VA
1970 USA, Senior Leadership Development Class
1970 USA, Senior Troop 90, 50 miles Appalachian Trail, VA
1970 USA, Senior Troop Campout, Peace Gardens
1971 Belgium, Junior Campout, Domain De Mozet, Namur,
1971 Belgium, Junior Campout, Le Fresnaye  
1971 Belgium, Training Camp, Le Fresnaye  
1971 Conference Shenandoah District  
1971 Germany, Garmisch Conference, Transatlantic Council,
1971 Holland, Int'l Whitsun Camp, Dwingeloo,  
1971 Netherlands, Whitsun Camp, Dwingleloo
1971 USA, Camp Timber Lake CIT Graduation, Fort Worth, TX
1971 USA, Dig Mankind, National Center West, WY Session 1&2
1971 USA, Districy Winter Conference, Shenandoah, VA
1971 USA, Illinois Public Relations, P’s & Q’s  
1971 USA, National Camping Day, Doe Lake  
1971 USA, Neighborhood Chairman Retreat, Santa Clara, CA
1971 USA, Opportunity Tryout, Low Echo, Lake Owoods, OR
1971 USA, SCCGSC Senior Troop 200, Canoe Trip
1971 USA, Senior Troop 90, 50 mile Appalachian Trail Hike, VA
1971 USA, Senior/Cadette Camping 8th Lake Inlet, NY
1972 Austria, Junior Campout, Weidlingvach  
1972 Belgium, Junior Camp, Domain De Mozet, Namur
1972 Belgium, Training Camp, Chievres  
1972 Belgium, Training Camp, Friendship Acres
1972 Germany, Boy Scout of America Leader Training
1972 Germany, Camp Juliette, Rhein Main  
1972 Germany, Camp Lachenwald established
1972 Germany, German/American Guides, Scout Camp
1972 Germany, Junior Campout  
1972 Germany, Munich  
1972 Germany, Munich  
1972 Germany, N Atlantic Girl Scouts Training Conference, Garmisch
1972 Germany, NAGS Camp Oympiade, Wolsfriede 1 Sept
1972 Germany, NAGS Training Conference, Garmisch, 1 March
1972 Germany, North Atlantic Olympiad, Wolfetsreid
1972 Germany, Siegenberg  
1972 Switzerland, Our Chalet  
1972 USA,  Mission Full of Magic, Santa Barbara, CA
1972 USA, Cadette Troop 266, Camp Scott, OK
1972 USA, Cadette Troop 655, Snow Trip, Long Beach, CA
1972 USA, Camp Friendship, SCCGSC  
1972 USA, Camp Timber Lake CIT Graduation, Fort Worth, TX
1972 USA, CIT Timberlake, Texas  
1972 USA, Dig Mankind Session II, National Center West WY
1972 USA, Junior Troop 688, Skyland Ranch, CA
1972 USA, Junior Troop 961, Hidden Falls, CA
1972 USA, Little Roundup, Peoria, IL  
1972 USA, M.A. Campout, PA  
1972 USA, New Mexico Mystique, Fort Worth, TX
1972 USA, Opportunity Tryout, Camp Low Echo, OR
1972 USA, Senior Troop Campout, Ohio  
1972 USA, Teque, Santa Clara Sr Trailblazer Competition, CA
1972 USA, Tote ‘n Trek, National Center West, WY
1973 Austria, Wiedlingbach  
1973 Belgium Girl Guides Olympique, Lafresnaye
1973 Belgium, Training Camp, Abbaye de Maredeaux
1973 Germany, Berlin French/English Cadette Campout
1973 Germany, Cadette Campout, Stuttgart  
1973 Germany, Camp Lachenwald  
1973 Germany, Camp Zorous  
1973 Germany, French-American Cadette Campout, Berlin
1973 Germany, Heidleberg Day Camp,Schwetzingen
1973 Germany, Junior Troop 632, Seeshaupt  
1973 Germany, Leadership Training, Seeshaupt
1973 Germany, Neckur District Junior Event  
1973 Germany, Siaken  
1973 Germany, TOFS International Friendship Ceremony with Pathfinders St. George, Altrip
1973 Germany, Training Camp, Friendship Acres
1973 Germany, Training Camp, Idenheim  
1973 Liechtenstein, Guides and Scout Camp  
1973 Mexico, Flight Ridge Srs. Our Cabana, Cuernavaca
1973 Senior trps #276,102, Campout, Rowley, MA Feb.
1973 UK, Neighborhood Campout, Phascis Woods, England
1973 USA, Camp Friendship, SCCGSC, CA  
1973 USA, Edith Macy , NY  
1973 USA, Folk Art Camp, Rockwood, MD  
1973 USA, Follow the Stars, Fort Worth, TX  
1973 USA, Good Turn Weekend, Camp Henry F. Kotch, Raintree Council, IN April
1973 USA, Good Turn Weekend, Lake Shamea, Topeka, KS
1973 USA, LIT Overnight, Camp Three Lakes, Raintree Cncl IN June
1973 USA, Mountain Magic, Wider Opportunity
1973 USA, National Center West, Wyoming
1973 USA, Opportunities Knocking, AL
1973 USA, Philmont Training Center, NM
1973 USA, Poco Ne’Mot, Fox River Area Council, WI
1973 USA, Pos Ne' Mot, Fox River AC, Wisconsin October
1973 USA, Program Aide Training, Raintree Council,  Indiana
1973 USA, Redwoods to the Sea, Region VI, Skylark, CA
1973 USA, Sacajewea Pow-Wow, Morngana GSC, Boone, IA
1973 USA, Santa Fe Council Cadettes, TX
1973 USA, Senior Leadership Development Class
1973 USA, Senior Service Weekend, Camp Glengara, NY
1973 USA, Senior Weekend, Lake Shawnee, Topeka, KS
1973 USA, Sr. Blastoff Weekend, Camp Near Wilderness, NY
1973 USA, Tote n’ Trek Session III, National Center West, WY
1973 USA, Trace Through Time, Utah
1973 USA, Traces Trough Time, High Utah Primitive Area
1973 USA, Tucson, AZ
1973 USA, Wood Badge, Region 4 Buckskin Reservation, NY
1974 Belgium, Outdoor Training, Abbaye de Maredsous
1974 Belgium, Training, Abbaye de Mardesous
1974 Columbia, 3rd Pan Am Jamboree, Bogota
1974 Columbia, 3rd Pan American Jamboree, Bogota
1974 France, Vogesen
1974 Germany, Cadette encampment, Stuttgart
1974 Germany, Camp Dahn, Munich
1974 Germany, Camp Edelburg
1974 Germany, Camp Freundenschaft
1974 Germany, Camp Lachenwald
1974 Germany, District Conference, Camp Taho
1974 Germany, District Rally, Kaiserlautern
1974 Germany, Heidelberg Training Conference
1974 Germany, Hilltop Day Camp, Stuttgart
1974 Germany, Junior Pow-Wow
1974 Germany, Senior Camp, Dierscheid
1974 Germany, Senior Campout
1974 Germany, Spangdahlem Neighborhood, Diersheid
1974 Germany, Troop 632 Camping, Seehaupt
1974 Germany, Youth Hostel, Zwingenberg
1974 Germany. Soanghelm Neighborhood Happening
1974 Greece, Partners in Training, Athens
1974 Long Tales, Lost Rails, WY
1974 Luxembourg, Outdoor Training, Vlanden
1974 Luxembourg, Training
1974 Mexico,Our Cabana
1974 Switzerland, Ceremonial Bonfire, Our Chalet
1974 Thailand, Int'l Cub Scout Wood Badge, #236, Ubel
1974 Trinidad & Tobago, Trinity Diamond Jubilee Camp
1974 Trinidad, Trinity Diamond Jubilee
1974 UK, Girl/Adult Conference, Oxfordshire
1974 UK, Keys to Friendship Conference, Oxford, England
1974 UK, Last official function of Lady Baden-Powell, Waddow
1974 UK,Girl Scouts Conference, Datordshire, England
1974 USA, "A Good Mountain Day", North Carolina
1974 USA, "Aides to Handicapps", Kansas
1974 USA, "Colonial Pathways", Maryland
1974 USA, "No One is an Island", New York
1974 USA, 8 Day White Mt. Trip, Chesapeake Bay GSC, DE
1974 USA, Cadette/Senior Campout, Ohio
1974 USA, Camp Friendship, SCCGSC, CA
1974 USA, Camp Laji, Sabinal, TX
1974 USA, Canadian Senior and Cadette Outing, Oregon
1974 USA, Ceremonial Bonfire, Edith Macy, NY
1974 USA, Chalooga Challenge, South Carolina
1974 USA, Chattanooga Challenge, SC
1974 USA, Conf Working w/ Handicapped, Camp Farnsworth, VT
1974 USA, Conf Working w/Handicapped, Univ of Pittsburgh, PA
1974 USA, Earth and Us, PA
1974 USA, Edith Macy, NY
1974 USA, Focus of Discovery, Edith Macy, NY
1974 USA, Handicapped Persons, PA
1974 USA, Harrisburg, PA
1974 USA, HI*A*WAK*A II, Colorado
1974 USA, Kaw River Canoe Trip, KS
1974 USA, Leaders Retreat, SCCGSC, CA
1974 USA, Lees Summit Aides to Handicapped, Kansas City MO
1974 USA, Long Tails/Last Trails, Shoshone Natl. Forest, WY
1974 USA, Mehl Lake, MI
1974 USA, New Valley GSC, KS
1974 USA, No One Is An Island, Senior Weekend, NY
1974 USA, Ohio Valley Camping Festival
1974 USA, PA Spotlight, Camp Archibald,
1974 USA, Redlands Reflection, Oklahoma
1974 USA, Rockwood Nat’l GS Center, Gulf Coast GSC, FL
1974 USA, Senior Day, Manitou Council, Wisconsin
1974 USA, Senior Weekend, Camp Candlewood, Connecticut
1974 USA, Seniorama Olympics, Wisconsin
1974 USA, Service Unity 18, Heritage Cncil, Camp Skimino, VA
1974 USA, Sportlight, Camp Archibald, Brookland, PA
1974 USA, Sr Troop 232, 60 mile Sierra Backpack, Yosemite
1974 USA, Swanee Sebago June Bear, Creek Council, KY
1974 USA, Trails West, NCW, WY
1974 USA, Training, Camp Ledgewood, OH
1974 USA, Troop 368 Camporee, SCCGSC, CA
1974 USA, Unaliyi Adahi, Scouts & Indian Maidens Weekend VA
1974 USA, Wood Badge, NE-111-9, Camp Freedom
1974 USA, Wood Badge, SC-26, Philmont, NM
1975 Belgium, Intecamp 75 (6 nations)
1975 Belgium, Intercamp ‘75
1975 Canada, Manitou Cncl Sr Trp 215, Mtneering Trip, Rocky Mt.
1975 Germany, Cadette encampment, Sembach
1975 Germany, District Junior Pow-Wow, Stuttgart
1975 Germany, Girl Scout Hut, Ramstein
1975 Germany, Hilltop Day Camp, Stuttgart
1975 Germany, Lantern Day Camp, Kaiser
1975 Germany, Manderscheid Youth Hostel
1975 Germany, Pirate Island Play Day, Sembach
1975 Germany, Thinking Day Bonfire, Hanau
1975 Japan, Camp Morningstar, Tama
1975 Japan, Neighborhood Encampment, Tama
1975 Japan, Troop Camp with Core Staff, Tama
1975 Japan, Yokota Neighborhood Campout, Camp Tama
1975 Mexico, Our Cabana, Cuernavaca
1975 Norway, 14th World Jamboree, Lillehammer
1975 Switzerland, Our Chalet
1975 UK Conference, Baden-Powell House, England
1975 USA, Adult/Youth Partnership Training, Edith Macy, NY
1975 USA, Becky Thatcher, Beckons, Hannibal, MO
1975 USA, Cababa Council Senior Conference, AL
1975 USA, Cadette Encampment, MI
1975 USA, Cadette/Senior Jamboree, Opryland, TN
1975 USA, Cadette/Senior Weekend, Camp Francis, SW CT
1975 USA, Camp Lajita, Texas
1975 USA, Camp Ledgewood, Ohio
1975 USA, Campout at Missile Tracking Station, NH
1975 USA, District II Roundup, AL
1975 USA, Edith Macy, NY
1975 USA, Fantastic Senior Weekend, Rockwood Nat’l Ctr, MD
1975 USA, Hi-A-Wak-A II Opportunity, Meadow Mt.  Camp, CO
1975 USA, Leader’s Retreat, Camp Friendship, SCCGSC, CA
1975 USA, Missouri Bootheels Kick
1975 USA, Ranching Southwestern Style, San Angelo, TX
1975 USA, Roundup, Jamestown,VA
1975 USA, Senior Search, Camp Clements, Florida
1975 USA, Senior Troop #215, Rocky Mountains
1975 USA, Seniorama Bicentennial, Wisconsin
1975 USA, Sierra Nevada Senior Conference, Fallen Leaf Lake
1975 USA, Sr Service Weekend, Troop 235, Camp Candlewood
1975 USA, Thousand Islands Conference, NY
1975 USA, Totem, Hot Springs, Arkansas
1975 USA, Troop 368 Overnight, Hidden Falls
1975 USA, Viaje Tehano Mexicano, Permian Basin Council, TX 
1975 USA, Western Horizons Weekend, Tennessee
1975 USA, Women As A Vital Force, EMNC, NY
1975 USA, Women in Wildlife, NCW, WY
1975 Wood Badge, NE-111-23, Camp Freedom
1976 "Touch the World", Texas
1976 Cadette Weekend, Camp Candlewood, Ct
1976 Camp Finlayson, Fort Hood, TX
1976 Canada, Kelowana BC Ranger, Senior Ceremony
1976 Canada, Vancouver Ranger Gathering
1976 CIT Graduation, Camp Kivawood, KS
1976 Germany, Hilltop Day Camp,Stuttgart
1976 Germany, OA Conference, Camp Freedom
1976 Germany, Thinking Day Bonfire, Hanau
1976 Germany, Wood Badge, NE-111-32, Camp Freedom
1976 Germany, Wood Badge, NE-111-33, Camp Freedom
1976 Hong Kong, Diamond Jubilee International Camp
1976 Japan, 20th Anniversary of Japanese Girl Scouts, Osaka
1976 Japan, Neighborhood Encampment, Tama
1976 Japan, Troop Camp with Core Staff, Tama, Japan
1976 Korea, Fifth International Camp for Girl Scouts of Korea
1976 Mexico, Our Cabana
1976 Norway, International Camp, Hordtanger
1976 Switzerland, Hiking Session, Our Chalet
1976 USA, "1776 All Over Again," Penns Wood, PA
1976 USA, "Doodle-le-doo", Cleveland, Ohio
1976 USA, "Move 'em Out,"North Dakota
1976 USA, "Wake Up America". Indiana
1976 USA, Aides to Mentallly Retarded Kids, Texarkana, AR
1976 USA, Anne Jackson Camp, Yankee Doings, NH Cadettes
1976 USA, Arizona Camp Dedication
1976 USA, Assn. Resident Camp, Camp Sugar Pine, CA
1976 USA, Birth of Internat’l Order of Chartreuse Buzzards, NY
1976 USA, Cad/Sr Weekend, Trp 235, Camp Aspetuck SW CT
1976 USA, Camp Daisy, Hindman, KS
1976 USA, Camp Ljita, TX
1976 USA, Campus GS Campout, Camp Sylvia Stapley, OK
1976 USA, Day camp Training, Cutteru, KS
1976 USA, Doodle-le-Long, Cleveland, OH
1976 USA, Edith Macy’s 50th Anniversary Campfire, NY
1976 USA, Final Campfire, Camp Francis, SW CT
1976 USA, Flames for Freedom Celebration, Robbins AFB, GA
1976 USA, Gansette Camp, Camp Hoffman, W Kingston, RI
1976 USA, Girl Guides from Heweel Hempstead & Hatch End, England visit Camp Skimino, Williamsburg, VA
1976 USA, Heritage Highlights, PA
1976 USA, International Congress, Philadelphia, PA
1976 USA, Int'll Bicentennial Encampment, Brookville, NJ
1976 USA, Junior Campout, Camp Martha Johnson
1976 USA, Leader’s Retreat, Skylark
1976 USA, Moccasins to Megalopolis, Aurora, IL
1976 USA, Mountain House Day Camp, Allentown, PA
1976 USA, Move ‘Em Out, Jamestown, ND
1976 USA, Mt. House Day Camp, Gr Valley GSC Allentown,PA
1976 USA, Neighborhood Galaxy 25 Conference, SCCGSC
1976 USA, Ranger Aide, Sr Trp 237, Pushmataka, Clayton, OK
1976 USA, Senior Rendezvous, Rock Springs, KS
1976 USA, Senior/Cadette Weekend, FL
1976 USA, SF Bay GSC & Navato GSA, Camp Sugar Pine, CA
1976 USA, Sr Trp 57, Bicentennial Campfire, Lake George NY
1976 USA, Tanasi Council Roundup, TN
1976 USA, Troop 368 Camporee, Hidden Falls
1976 USA, Voyager Boundary Waters Canoe, MN, CAN, Badger Council, WI
1976 USA, Wake Up America, Raintree Cncl , Lincoln St Pk, IN
1976 USA, Waukegan Trainers Reunion, Illinois
1976 USA, Wilderness ‘76,Cranberry Back Country, WV
1977 Canada, Between Friends, Bowmanville, Ontario
1977 Japan, Camp Tama
1977 Japan, Cultural Exchange Week, Kadena, Okinawa
1977 Japan, Cultural Exchange Week, Okinawa
1977 Kenya, Experiment in International Living
1977 Korea, Camp Liberty
1977 Mexico, Internat’l Prog.Workshop, Nuestra Cabana
1977 Mexico, Our Cabana, Cuernavaca
1977 Mexico, Our Cabana, night Lady Baden-Powell died,
1977 Mexico, Our Cabana, SCCGSC, Tierra del Oro
1977 Switzerland, Our Chalet
1977 Taiwan,Camp Aborigine
1977 USA, "Sierra Stomping", Reno Nevada
1977 USA, Cadette Camporee, NC
1977 USA, Cadette Weekend, Meansville, GA
1977 USA, Camp Andrea Clark, Greater NY
1977 USA, Camp Friendship, SCCGSC
1977 USA, Camp Truckee, CA
1977 USA, Day Camp, de Ridder, LA
1977 USA, Fins and Forest Wider Op, Olympia, WA
1977 USA, Friends Around the World, Ketchican, AK
1977 USA, Golden Opportunity, Leaders Weekend, GA
1977 USA, Hello Historic Hudson, Wappinger Falls, NY
1977 USA, Hi-A-Wak-A III, Meadow Mt. Ranch, Rocky Mt. Park
1977 USA, Kansas Sampler (WO), Topeka, KS
1977 USA, Leader’s Retreat, Skylark
1977 USA, National Jamboree, Moraine State Park, PA
1977 USA, National Jamboree, Pittsburgh, PA
1977 USA, NE Region Experimental Cub Wood Badge, Schiff
1977 USA, Region V CGS, Conference, Iowa
1977 USA, Scout Conference, Boone, Iowa
1977 USA, Senior Encampment, SW CT GSC
1977 USA, Senior Jamboree, Hidden Falls
1977 USA, Senior Troop 217 Campout, Monroe, WI
1977 USA, Senior weekend Camp Welcome, Newman, GA
1977 USA, Tomorrow’s Woman in PR, Spanish Trails GSC, CA
1977 USA, Tote ‘n Trek, NCW, WY
1977 USA, Wildwood Day Camp, Leesville,Louisiana
1977 USA, Wood Badge,SC-113, Chimayo, NM
1977 USA, World of Today and Tomorrow EMCC, NY
1977 USA, Worlds to Explore/Festival of Lights, EMCC, NY
1978 England, Wood Badge NE-III-44, Gilwell Park
1978 Germany, Neighborhood Day Camp, Stuttgart
1978 Mexico, The World of People, El Mundo De la Gonte
1978 Phillipines, 26th Reenactment - Bataan Death March
1978 Republic of China Advancement Camp
1978 Republic of China Camp, Ching Shan
1978 Spain
1978 Taiwan, Encampment, Camp Jywum Bei
1978 USA, "Geneva Get Together", Geneva Wisconsin
1978 USA, Cadette Canadian Exchange, Allentown, PA
1978 USA, Cadette/Canadian Exchange, Allentown PA & Ontario
1978 USA, Cadette/Senior Spring Fling, Hidden Falls, SCCGSC
1978 USA, Camp Francis, Kent, CT
1978 USA, Camp Ledgewood, Ohio
1978 USA, Canadian Guides, English Rangers & Girl Scouts, CA
1978 USA, Colonial Heritage (WO) Commonwealth GSC, VA
1978 USA, Day Camp, de Ridder, LA
1978 USA, Farming Mid West Style (WO) South Bend, IN
1978 USA, Final Campfire, Camp Francis, Kent, CT
1978 USA, Folk Arts Festival (W(O), Berea, KY
1978 USA, Hide-A-Pack, NCW, WY
1978 USA, Hike a Peak (WO) NCW, WY
1978 USA, Hoolaulea(WO), Hawaii
1978 USA, Indian Waters Council, Eau Claire, WI
1978 USA, Melody & Make Believe (WO), Danbury, CT
1978 USA, Neffs Day Camp, Gr Valley GSC, Allentown, PA
1978 USA, Neighborh’d II Camporee, Skylarch Ranch, SCCGSC
1978 USA, Neighborhood Encampment, Camp Candlewood, CT
1978 USA, Open Door Troop Camp, Jackson, WY
1978 USA, Primitive Camp, Camp Kivawood, KS
1978 USA, Reach Up, Suffolk, VA
1978 USA, Region V  CGS Conference, Ft Worth, TX
1978 USA, Region V CGS Conference, Topeka, KS
1978 USA, Sing Pine Day Camp, SC
1978 USA, Sr Encampment, SW CT, Rocky Craig, Stamford, CT
1978 USA, Staff/Program Aides Final Campfire, Camp Elliott, NM
1978 USA, Teton Trek Op, Jackson, WY
1978 USA, Teton Trek, NCW, WY
1978 USA, Utah’s Windsong, Utah National Parks, UT
1978 USA, Winter Wonderland, Pocono Mtns, PA
1978 USA, Women Walk More Determined, IL
1978 USA, Wood Badge, SC-130, Zastro, Philmont, NM
1978 USA, Wood Badge, SE-203,Broad Creek Scout Reservation, MD
1978 USA, Yuma Assoc Camporee, AZ Cactus Pine GSC
1979 India, Three Worlds of the Child, Sangam
1979 Mexico, Adult Adventure Session, 50th Anniv Mexican Guides
1979 Sweden, Dala Jam, (World Jamboree Substitute)
1979 Switzerland, OA Ordeal, Kandersteg, Int'l Scout Center
1979 USA, "Kansas Plains to Planes"(WO), Pratt, KS
1979 USA, Cadette Year End Campout, Fischesting Creek,, FL
1979 USA, Camp Cloud Rim, Utah GSC
1979 USA, Camp Kivawood, KS
1979 USA, Camp Ledgewood, Ohio
1979 USA, Children Around the World Festival, Bunkie, LA
1979 USA, Day Camp de Ridder, LA
1979 USA, Finger Lake Sailing Festival (WO) Finger Lake, NY
1979 USA, Teque, SCCGSC
1979 USA, Trp 701, GS Exchange Trip, Camp Mary Bunter, MA
1979 USA, Yuma Assoc, Camporee, AZ Cactus Pine Council
1980 Australia, Int'l Camp, Sydney
1980 Germany, Wood Badge, NE-III-65 Camp Freedom
1980 Mexico, Golden Jubilee of Guias de Mexico, Mexico City
1980 Switzerland, International Campfire, Kandersteg, Switzerland
1980 USA, Almost Anything Goes, CT
1980 USA, Buzz-Out, Ft Ord, CA
1980 USA, Cactus, Pine Camp, Payson, AZ
1980 USA, Cadette Troop Ccampout, Mokuleia, Oahu, Hawaii
1980 USA, Camp Conestoga Junior Encampment, Kansas
1980 USA, Camp Kilohana, Hawaii
1980 USA, Dupage County GSC, Westmont, IL
1980 USA, Foothills GSC, Chittenango, NY
1980 USA, Konocti GSC Campfire
1980 USA, Penn’s Woods GSC, Luzerne, PA
1980 USA, River Trails GSC, Winona, MN
1980 USA, Roads to New Horizons, Camp Welaka, Palm Glades
1980 USA, Rocky Ledges Camp, Huntington, WV
1980 USA, Seafarers Sampler, Coronado, San Diego, CA
1980 USA, Teton Trek (WO) Jackson WY
1980 WO, Colorado
1981 England, NE-III-71, Gilwell Park
1981 Germany, Wood Badge, NE-III-68, Camp Freedom
1981 Mexico, World Association Juliet Low Gathering, Our Cabana
1981 Norway, Norwegian Nat'l Jamboree, Asnes
1981 USA, "Ya'll Come", NC
1981 USA, Brainard SU Weekend, Timber Trails Cap CVGSC
1981 USA, Camp Paumalu, Hawaii
1981 USA, Leader Weekend, Savannah, GA
1981 USA, Make New Friends, Camp Timber Trails, CT Valley
1981 USA, Senior/Cadette Campout, KS
1981 USA, The Crusoe Caper, MI
1981 USA, Try It Now (WO), OH
1982 Germany, Wood Badge NE-III-74, Camp Freedom
1982 India, Zimfari '82, Sangam
1982 Republic of China, Camp Ching Shan
1982 USA, Camp Crowell, Vienna VA
1982 USA, Japanese Rangers, Camp Kivawood
1982 USA, Junior Camporee, Camp Mary Atkins, NC
1982 USA, Older Girl Bridging Weekend, Timber Trails, CVGSC
1982 USA, Where the Glaciers Roamed (WO), MI
1983 Canada, Serendipity International Op, Vancouver, BC
1983 Golden Hawk 198-GH-I, Qujvira Scout Ranch, KS
1983 Republic of China, Camp Ching Shan
1983 Republic of China, Camp Ching Shan
1983 USA,  Arrowhead to Atoma (WO) Amadillo, TX
1983 USA, Brownie Weekend, Camp Timber Trails, CVGSC CT
1983 USA, Canoeing the desert (WO) Green River, UT
1983 USA, Cub Scout Trainers Wood Badge NE-CS-12, Heritage PA
1983 USA, Green Circle Sharing Day, Camp Alice Merrit, CV CT
1983 USA, Potomac Neighborhood Encampment, MD
1983 USA, Prairie Days and Yesterdays (WO) Brookings, SD
1983 USA, Rainbow, Cowan's Gap, PA
1983 Wood Badge NC369, Camp Tawakoni, KS
1984 USA, Camp Texlake, Austin, TX
1984 USA, Final Campfire, Camp Merri-Wood, Manchester, CT
1984 USA, Vernon Assoc Weekend Camp Newhoca, Vernon, CT
1985 USA, Catch the Spirit Encampment, El Wa HO, PA
1985 USA, Cub Scout Trainers Wood Badge, NE-CS-19, Yawgoog, RI
1985 USA, Dad's & Daughters, Echo Trail, PA
1985 USA, Edith Macy Conference, NY
1985 USA, Funshine Leadership Camp, Thurmont, MD
1985 USA, Hans Herr, Neighborhood Day Camp, PLGSC, PA
1985 USA, Junior Jump Weekend, Camp Timber Trails, CVGSC
1985 USA, Junior Jump Weekend, Camp Timber Trails, CVGSC
1985 USA, National Jamboree, Fort A.P. Hill, VA
1986 Switzerland, WAGGGS Conference, Our Chalet
1986 USA, "mini-Op", (WO), Montachusett GSC, MA
1986 USA, Camping Carousel, Lancaster, PLGSC, PA
1986 USA, Ho West We Go (WO) NCW, WY
1986 USA, Ingel's Nook Camp-in, Waynesboro, PA
1986 USA, Junior Camporee, Campd El Wa Ho, PA
1986 USA, Kentuckiana’s Pride, Horses, Heritage & Hospitality(WO), Louisville, KY
1986 USA, Leadership Training, El WaHo, PA
1986 USA, Mt. St. Helen, WA
1986 USA, Unveiling the Statue of Liberty, NY
1986 USA, Wood Badge, 82-48, Camp Tapawingo, VA
1987 USA, 75th Anniversary Girl Scouts Diamond Jubilee
1987 USA, Diamonds Are Forever, Oahu, HI
1987 USA, Junior Encampment, Diablo Shadows Council, CA
1987 USA, Mackinac Island Honor Scout Final Campfire
1987 USA, Rainbow, Cowan's Gap, PA
1987 USA, Ride Rap & Rangle (WO), NCW, WY
1987 USA, Safari Texas Style (WO) San Antonio, TX
1988 USA, August Days of Learning, MGSC, MA
1989 USA, August Days of Learning, MGSC, MA
1989 USA, IOT, Edith Macy Conference Center, NY (Jan.10-13)
1990 USA, August Days of Learning, MGSC, MA
1990 USA, Roundup, Glen Helen National Park, CA
1991 USA,  Operation Snowflake ‘91, Acushnet, MA
1991 USA, August Days of Learning, MGSC, MA
1991 USA, Great Smoky Mt. Adventure (WO) Tremont, TN
1991 USA, Idaho Wilderness Expedition (WO) ID
1991 USA, Sr Troop 820 Campout, Hammonaset State Pk CT
1991 USA, Trp 832 Weekend Camp, Cockaponset St Frst, CT
1991 USA, Tunxis Trail Hike, Troop 372 CVGSC CT
1992 USA, August Days of Learning, MGSC, MA
1992 USA, Cad/Sr Survival Weekend, Timber Trails Camp, CT
1992 USA, Operation Snowflake 92, Acushnet, MA, PBGSC
1995 USA, CT Yankee GS Adult Outdoor Commemorative - Event 4/22/95, Camp Meribrite, Berlin
1995 USA, The Great Girl Scouts Games, Silver Award Project, Troop 372, CVGSC, CT
1997 USA, CT Yankee Girl Scouts Roundup Commemorative - Camp Yankee Trails
1998 USA, Training - Camp Carlson, Bristol, CT GSCTC
1999 USA, Flower Power Camporee, Bristol SU, Camp Seeley, Sharon, CT GSCTC
2000 USA, Over The Rainbow Camporee, Bristol SU, Camp Yankee Trails, Stafford Springs, GSCTC
2005 USA, Gettysburg Gathering 2000, East Coast Leaders Encampment, Granite Hill Campground, Gettysburg, PA
2005 USA, MGSC All-in-One Camping Leader Training, Camp Laurel Wood, Spencer, MA
2005 USA, MGSC Camping Leader Training, Camp Laurel Wood,
2006 USA, MGSC All-InOne Camping Leader Training, Camp Green Eyrie, Harvard MA (10/06)
2007 USA, MGSC, National Seashore, Cape Cod, Cadette Tr. 1331
2009 USA, Outdoor Skills Conference, EMCC, NY
2010 Mexico, Our Cabana, Friendship event, Ambassador Troop 30583
2010 USA, Autumn Escape, GSCWM, Camp Bonnie Brae
2010 USA, Camp Laurel Wood, All-in-One Overnights Training, Spencer, MA (8/10)
2011 USA, Autumn Escape, GSCWM, Camp Bonnie Brae
2012 USA, Camp Laurelwood, All-In-One Camping Leader Training, Leicester, MA
2012 USA, Autumn Escape, GSCWM, Camp Bonnie Brae
2013 USA, Camp Laurelwood, All-in-One Camping Leader Training, Leicester, MA (4/20)
2013 USA, Autumn Escape, GSCWM, Camp Bonnie Brae
2014 USA, MGSC All-InOne Camping Leader Training, Camp Green Eyrie, Harvard MA (5/3)



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