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Girl Scout Silver AwardSilver Award Recipients

Every girl can make a difference in the world.
Here are 101 shining examples...


ABC (A Beautiful Courtyard)
Troop 30814, Leominster
- Jocelyn Menendez-Aponte, Anne Souza

When the Sky View Middle School was first built in 2003, the courtyard looked beautiful, but no one took the responsibility for maintaining it. For their Silver Award Project, Jocelyn and Anna cleaned and refurbished the courtyard by removing litter, pulling weeds, trimming bushes, and laying mulch. 

“I think I will continue to grow as a leader, and not be afraid to jump into big projects.”

Troop 40049, Southwick
- Mikayla Hayden, Elizabeth Irwin, and Casey Monahan

Upon learning that a recent increase in mosquitos was linked to a decrease in the bat population, Troop 40049 went to work constructing several bat houses for the Laurel Ridge Neighborhood. By providing homes for the bats, they expect to see bats return to the area resulting in a decrease the mosquito population.

“In the end, the Silver Award looks impressive on a resume, and not only makes me feel accomplished, but also makes a difference in our community.”

Troop 40184, Hadley
Emily Koehler, Aldona Noonan

Emily and Aldona created a bike safety packet and led an event where young people could learn proper biking etiquette and practice what they learned.

“This project gave me the courage to stand in front of a group of people and speak.”

Troop 40098, South Hadley
- Samantha Schwantner

Samantha worked with the Birthday Wishes Organization in South Hadley to provide birthday parties and supplies for homeless children. She volunteered to help organize the birthday gifts, games and activities; and made cupcakes for several parties. She also hosted a “Cake Boss” event for local Girl Scouts to raise donations for the organization.

“I discovered that I can be a good leader. I know how to handle problems when they occur.”

Troop 11284, Charlton
- Gabriella Grondalski, Elizabeth Haywood, Amber LaBonte, Rachel Nowak

For their Silver Award project, Troop 11284 made blankets for babies in the NICU at UMass Memorial Hospital. By learning how to sew and teaching the skill to others, the families of the newborns received a special handmade gift during a difficult time.

“When we visited the NICU at the hospital, a little baby girl’s eyes flew open… and she looked right at us. It helped to show us that what we were doing was special...”

Troop 30439, Charlton
- Michelle Gaudet, Lindsey Ljungberg, and Jennifer Wade

Michelle, Lindsey and Jennifer worked with day care/afterschool facilities to create coloring books, then teamed with the local library to host a book drive. All of the books were donated to Sherry’s House, a “home away from home” in Worcester for kids with cancer.

“Sherry’s House was very thankful for our donation.”

Troop 30147, Milford
- Morgan Blaney, Sydney Blaney, Kaitlyn Brock, Kate France

Troop 30147 knew they wanted to do something to benefit the school where they attended troop meetings. They reached out to the teachers, who expressed a need for a place to store large books. They earned money by redeeming cans and bottles; and used the money to design and construct two large storage boxes.

“It’s nice knowing that something I made can help the school teachers and kids in the classroom for a long time after I am gone.”

“I feel like my project made me a better leader and a better person.”

BRINGING HOME TO THE HOSPITALS:  Girl Scouts Supporting Pediatrics in Springfield Area
Troop 20102, East Longmeadow
- Chelsea Bernard, Allison Hayes, Julia Holland, Catherine Merton, Brenna Nichols

Girls from Troop 20102 helped pediatric patients and their families by providing meals and activities at Ronald McDonald House in Springfield.  They developed menus, shopped, cooked, served, and cleaned up after the meals. In addition, the girls made table decorations, brought in flowers and plants, and provided an after dinner activity. 

“I think we made people’s lives a little bit easier and hope that lifted their burden, even if only for a short time.”

Troop 11025, Shrewsbury
- Madelyn Stewich

The experience of losing her grandmother to cancer made Madelyn acutely aware of the need to inform others about the disease. For her project, Madelyn designed coloring books to educate elementary school students about cancer and how to lower their own risk.

“My goal is to make sure everyone that I can reach out to will be warned about [cancer] and how to prevent it.”

Troop 30147, Milford
- Chelley Donato, Brianna Croteau

Brianna and Chelley knew they wanted to focus their Silver Award efforts at their church. Since both were active members at St. Mary’s; they knew the large storage closet needed some attention. Together, they built and installed new shelves; then sorted, cleaned and organized all the classroom supplies.

“Our project taught us a lot about communication, organizing, and scheduling, but the thing that means the most is learning how we are able to do things ourselves and not needing adults to always help us.”

Troops 20010 & 20011,  East Longmeadow
- Jasmine Sabadosa, Meghan Miracle, Erin Thibedea, Natalie Thibedea, Brianna Widmer, Rebecca Widmer

The girls from troops 20110 and 20011 worked alongside the American Red Cross to provide disaster relief assistance to the people directly affected by the tornado that hit the Springfield area in 2011. They learned that helping those in need must be in the forefront of all things that we do. The Girl Scout Promise says, “be helpful at all times,” and that’s exactly what they did.

“I learned that I can be a ripple that makes a wave.”

Troop 40537, Becket
- Michaela DeFoe, Samantha Touponce

In a constantly changing world, sometimes it is what you don’t know that will hold you back. Samantha and Michaela wanted to help bring the elderly in their community up-to-date with technology. Together, they held classes for senior citizens which taught them about technology and how to best use it for their needs.

“Technology is all around us, and everyone should know about it.”

- Erica Bowe

What do you do when there’s too much snow to hold recess outside? You stay inside. But for the students at the Florence Sawyer School in Bolton, indoor recess didn’t give them a lot of options. So Erica came up with the idea of making games and holding a donation drive to collect games for the classrooms.

Troop 30220, Grafton
- Alison Bayreuther, Lauren Bayreuther, Cassidy Chiu, Jillian Mariano, Rachel Matloff, Rachel Paquin, Brenda Ruiz

Troop 30220 hosted Grafton’s very first Powder Puff Derby. The girls saw a need to get families, particularly fathers, more involved in their girls’ activities. The event was a way to bring the family and community into a Girl Scout event and get everyone involved, including community judges and the local TV station.

“This made a big impression on the families in the community and brought them closer together working on making the derby cars together.”

Troop 20616, Ludlow
- Lily Brown, Elizabeth Rodio

For their Silver Award project, Lily and Elizabeth wanted to place retired racing greyhounds in new homes. To raise awareness of greyhound adoption, the girls made posters, pamphlets and displays, then set up a table and brought their dogs to several community events. Their hard work contributed to placing a few lucky dogs with their forever families.

“Through this project, I learned that with determination, resourcefulness, and dedication, anyone can take action to improve the world around them.”

Troop 40558, Dalton
- Colleen Kiely, Madeline McCain

Colleen and Madeline teamed up to host a health and safety fair for teens. They brought in guest speakers to discuss topics such as, “Loving Your Body”, “The Teenage Brain”, and “Internet Safety”. The fair emphasized the importance that positive self-esteem and self-image have on happiness.

“I discovered that I am a strong, confident young woman. It is such an empowering feeling to know that I have the power to help at least one girl become a more confident and happy person.”

Troop 30439, Charlton
- Cassidy Derkosrofian, Emily Novack, Lexi Wheeler

The girls in troop 30439 wanted to connect their community with military troops overseas, so they hosted workshops at the library, area churches, and other spots in town. They used the forum to educate their community about the importance of the military as well as collect and assemble care packages to send to our troops overseas.

“We learned leadership, the value of a dollar, teamwork, and doing simple things can make a big impact.”

Troop 40373, Granby
- Sarah Fournier, Carly Lacoste, Sarah Mazurowski

Girls from Troop 40373 wanted their project to benefit local wildlife. They began by learning about native bird species at the Norcross Sanctuary. Then they developed a birding retreat at a local park, including nesting boxes, natural food and water sources; and benches for visitors. Birding kits with binoculars and reference books are kept at the Granby Public Library.

“We love going back to the spot and seeing birds now living in the retreat we built.”

Troop 20510, Palmer
- Ashley Roberge, Kimberly Sikorski

For their Silver Award project, Ashley and Kimberly worked with their local day care provider to teach the kids the importance of recycling and caring for the environment. Through lesson plans and interactive games, the kids learned the dangers of pollution and how they can help keep the earth clean.

If they could change one thing, the girls would have “visited more often to make a more lasting effect.”

Troop 30744, Harvard
- Deirdre Kennedy

Loaves and Fishes, a local food pantry, serves multicultural clients. Deirdre sought to break the language barrier at the pantry through her project by creating signs, posters and pamphlets in multiple languages.

“I met with French and Spanish speakers in the community to translate Loaves and Fishes’ client information and help the clients and staff improve communication.”

Troop 20654, Hampden
- Izabella Bocwinski, Alyssa Doran, Hannah Flowers, Nicole Garvey, Dionna Porcello, and Nicole Trombly

Troop 20654 saw a major gap in the art program for youth in the community of Hampden. So they set to work learning about artists and their different styles in order to teach the kids in town. They ordered supplies, planned the activities, and provided each participating child with a certificate of achievement.

“We chose this project because funds in our community have been cut in the “Arts” area for kids. This is why we chose to have our project benefit children.”

Troop 20654, Hampden
- Samantha Budynkiewicz, Haleigh Kology, Nonni Ntagkounakis, Sarah Penna, and Karissa Talaia

Troop 20654 created music and movement classes for youth in the town of Hampden. After noting a lack in arts programs in the town, the girls researched various styles of music and instruments; and used that knowledge to develop their classes.

“We taught classes on singing, dance, string instruments, wind instruments, and percussion.”

Troop 20654, Hampden
- Michaela Cronin, Emilee Melcher, Krista Schoonover, Deirdre Simmons, Kara White, and Samantha Zeno

For their Silver Award Project, Troop 20654 created theater and literature workshops. The girls taught classes on how to write scripts and how to project different voices in different ranges, just to name a couple. The groups then put on their own puppet theater productions.

“We needed to learn about the different styles of puppet theater programs and how to write scripts in order to teach kids in town about them.”

Troop 30147, Milford
- Emma Ryan, Kelsey Anderson                     

For their Silver Award project, Emma and Kelsey teamed up with the Milford Humane Society. They volunteered 2 hours each week to learn more about what it takes to volunteer and the needs of the animal shelter. They then held a gathering to raise awareness and make sorely needed fleece blankets for the shelter.

”I learned a lot from this project and came out the leader I knew I was. Doing it with a friend made the project fun and even more worthwhile.”

Troop 30147, Milford
- Alexis Decotis

Alexis worked with a local day care center to teach the children organizational skills and their relationship to life skills.  She created a system for all supplies and worked with the kids to teach them why it was important to use the system and keep their space organized.

“I found out that the more I can do by myself, the more confident I get…”

Troop 40098, South Hadley
- Allison Mendes and Jessica Bridges

Allison and Jessica teamed up to encourage the public to take advantage of secondhand clothing. They volunteered at the local Goodwill Industries to gain a better grasp of the process of clothing sorting, then went to work spreading the word about Goodwill and how wearing secondhand clothing does not mean you have to give up your name brands.

“With the younger girls, we used the secondhand clothing to put on a fashion show, and they absolutely adored it!”

Troop 30530, Northboro
- Sara Travis

Sara worked with Baypath Humane Society on her Silver Award project. Her goal was to provide support to new pet owners who have adopted pets. She made a workbook that included contact information for area vets, pet supply stores, groomers and other important information for pet owners. She also created folders containing individual animal stories, medical history, and other important information.

“I helped others and myself learn more about the animals we live with.”

Troop 30555, Westborough
- Katherine Baldwin

In an effort to provide more outdoor activities for students at Mill Pond School, Katherine painted designs and patterns on the playground. The new activities help ensure that kids stay active outside the classroom, thus promoting the theory that  exercise will alleviate childhood obesity.

“I hope that the kids at Mill Pond School will be benefitted by the project, because it will encourage them to be more active and healthier.”

Troop 30332, Shrewsbury
- Dasuno De Silva

Seeing a need for religious and cultural education, Dasuno created a library at her community temple. She felt it was important for people to know their roots and have the opportunity to learn about their heritage. She supplied the library with donations of media and literature direct from Sri Lanka.

“I am able to do things that I never thought I could.”

Troop 30358, Rutland
- Shaynan Beando, Allie Falla, Melissa Fort, Emily Herrin, Alyssa Mulry, Elizabeth Labelle, and Amie Tuttle

Girls from troop 30358 created a garden at the local community center and planted vegetables to grow for the Rutland Food Pantry.

“I hoped to make the world a better place by creating a place for people to grow their own nutritious foods for themselves and for others.”

Troop 11309, Sterling
- Kelsey Moulton, Brianna Remy

Kelsey and Brianna noticed that many recyclables were simply being ‘thrown away’ at Sholan Park. So they set to work building recycling bucket holders for their town’s beach, allowing beach-goers to separate trash from recyclables.

“I learned that there are ways to help my community and its environment.”

Troop 30530, Northboro
- Molly Travis

For her take action project, Molly created a cookbook containing recipes using the ingredients one would typically receive from a food pantry. The goal of the cookbook was to help patrons maximize the nutritional value of each meal, while working with what is available to them.

“I discovered more self-confidence…”

Troop 34840, Pepperell
- Monica Desmond

For her Silver Award project, Monica made blankets for the rehab patients of St. Joseph’s Hospital. Since the hospital rooms are very bland, the spreads provided much needed color and, of course, helped keep the patients warm.
“[50 hours of work] really seemed like a lot, but I just thought about whom I was doing this for and how happy it would make the patients.”

Troop 30555, Westborough
- Emily Reed-Edwards

Emily knew the value of the library and wanted to encourage more teens to visit. So she worked with the library director to create posters and organize media drives to collect donations of updated materials, such as books, CDs, and video games, to make the library more attractive to the teen demographic.

“I think the skills I learned will help me be a better leader in the future as I work with others to make a difference.”

Troop 30819, Upton
- Taylor Nasuti

When Taylor was in 7th grade, a friend was dealing with depression and posted on Facebook that she wanted to hurt herself. Taylor wanted to help, but she didn’t know how without getting the girl into trouble. This inspired Taylor to take action against teen depression and develop a resource brochure for other teens who may be suffering in silence.

“I learned that I am capable of addressing a problem and helping people.”

Troop 20447, Monson
- Meghan Auclair, Julianne Clarke, Mallory Linn, and Emma Norval

Troop 20447 designed and sold t-shirt bags to raise money, which they used to purchase two recycling bins for Monson’s town field. The community previously had no recycling options at the field, so the girls used their creative skills to benefit their entire community.

“We learned that we could be leaders if we just spoke up and tried.”

Troop 40221, Southwick
- Julia Baker

Each year at the Veterans Day and Memorial Day parades in Southwick, veterans give speeches to the crowd. Unfortunately, as Julia noticed, the sound system wasn’t doing justice to the veterans stories. So she stepped into action and raised funds to purchase a new PA speaker system for the Southwick VFW.

“It was encouraging to see how eager the people in my community were to help me reach my goal to honor the Veterans.”

Troop 40050, Conway
- Grettle Allis and Caitlin Burnett

Grettle and Caitlin stepped up to help run the Young Readers’ Story Circle at the Field Memorial Library in Conway. Every week they read to young children and taught them a craft in order to encourage the kids to not just read, but have fun while doing it.

“It was so amazing to see how happy all the kids were and how excited they were to be there. They had so much energy and it was a lot of fun to work with them.”



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