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Workshops & Activities

Visit the presenter biographies page to learn more about the work of the individuals who will facilitate the workshops.

Friday Workshops - Session N

Sign up for a workshop or bring a dessert for our camp-wide dessert potluck party at 7:30 pm in the dining hall and then head out to the campfire for songs and fun.

Cupcake Creations
Peter Gray from "The Next Great Baker" & Pete's Sweets in East Longmeadow will teach you the basics of how to decorate bakery style cupcakes. Participants will be paired up for a "timed" round of Cupcake Wars! Who can be the most creative with Girl Scout cookies?  Fun times ahead!
  Paper Creations
If you haven’t done so, it’s about “time” you and your girls try some Paper Creations.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised how many inexpensive, practical and meaningful items you can make simply by folding a piece of paper.  Learn a few basic folds that will enable you to produce animals, flowers, holiday decorations and many more simple origami projects.  This is “troop time” well-spent!

Saturday Workshops - Session A

Archery Certification, Level I
Special Time: 9:00 am - 5:30 pm (sessions A–C)
Learn to set up and operate a safe archery program. Learn to teach new archers, maintain equipment, and identify and correct common shooting errors. Upon course completion, you will be certified to teach archery. *Extra fee of $25 applies.

Danger is No Stranger:
Developing Healthy Relationships

Special Time:  9:00 am—10:30 am
Did you know young girls are more relational than boys. Girls have specific skills in communication that can make their relationships deep and strong.  There is much emphasis on the negative aspects of girls' friendships in the media.  Explore how to guide girls in developing healthy relationships away from social media influences.

Open Forum with the Personal Trainer
Special Time:  10:30—11:30 am
Now is your chance to ask all those fitness related questions like, "Am I doing squats right? Why do ab crunches hurt my neck? Why am I not FEELING the work where I think I should?"  Come with your own questions, or to listen & learn.  Come dressed to move (but not sweat) and bring your own yoga mat.  

Personal Power
Special Time:  9:00 am—10:30 am
Can’t tell parents what to do? Having trouble getting volunteers to assist? Frustrated by going it alone?  Attend this session and you’ll learn how you can be convincing, compelling and influence others to do what you need them to do. Will include opportunities to discuss real world scenarios.

Scavenger Hunt
Join our group as we head out on a self directed scavenger hunt around Camp Bonnie Brae.  You'll have a chance to explore the whole camp!



The Test of Time with SWAPS
Learn about the history of Girl Scout SWAPs throughout time. You’ll see several examples of different types of SWAPs, learn how to use recycled material to make cute SWAPs and gather fun ideas and resources to find all your SWAP supplies, themes and ideas.

Timely Acrylics—Anyone Can Paint
Never painted before or not for a long TIME?  Using a step-by-step technique even beginners and novices can paint a lovely picture on the first try.  Think “time of year” – “special times”  - “Girl Scout good times” etc. and bring a few “TIME” related pictures or ideas for your paintings. You’ll have a good TIME and go home smiling.

Time for You: Yoga Practice
Special Time:  9:30 am—10:30 am
Follow a traditional Vinyasa Flow Yoga sequence in this class designed to move every muscle and articulate every joint.  Healthy spine and joints are emphasized as we move through a meditative and vigorous work-out.  Be prepared to sweat!  Class open to all levels, Yoga experience helpful, but not necessary. Bring your own yoga mat. 

Timeless Camp Crafts
Prerequisites:  Outdoor Overnights or All-In-One
Have you taken your girls camping and wished for some of the supplies that we used in outdoor skills?  Looking for fun activities to do with them while you plan for your encampment?  Here’s a chance to make some useful equipment for camp.  This year we will be making a box oven, survival bracelet, and many other fun, cheap, and easy tools to use on your next outing.

When Girls Develop Positive Values
Special Time:  10:30 am—Noon
Participants will explore how girls can feel good about themselves and grow up with a “can do” attitude.  Naturally, even girls with positive attitudes may experience times of insecurity, self-doubt and a lack of confidence. Yet, these feelings need not be paralyzing; girls just have to learn how to work through their
problems.  Join us and learn how you can help girls build the skills they need in order to grow up to lead full and valuable lives.

Saturday Workshops - Session B

A Song for Every Occasion and a Campfire
Songs are a great way to help a group connect, celebrate and grow.  Girl Scout songs have been shared for over 100 years.  This workshop will teach you some beginning short songs, repeating songs, slow songs, graces, and much more.  You will also learn how to use songs to run a quality campfire program for groups of 10-1,000.  Songbooks will be provided for all participants.

Chain Maille Time Piece
Special Time: 1:00 - 4:00 pm (Sessions B & C)
Extra fee of $15 applies.
Make an elegant, yet simple, chain maille time piece that is composed of the interlocking of silver plated rings in a daisy pattern with a flower shaped watch face.

Hike to Observation Tower
Let's meet to take a hike out to the observation tower at Camp Bonnie Brae. Be prepared to walk through the woods.  Bring a camera if you'd like to take a picture of the amazing view to remember our time together.

Kayaking Big Pond
Spend some time out on the water, as we explore Big Pond together in the camp kayaks. 

Planning Large Girl Scout Events
This course is for anyone planning a town-wide or service unit event. Discover strategies to ensure the success and safety of your encampment, Brownie Fun Day, dance, Annual Giving Campaign event, etc. Learn the key
elements of planning, implementing and evaluating events. Review the nuts and bolts of event planning, decision-making, budgets and how to build “girl-led” into your event.


Learn to capture special moments in time in a unique and fun way. Scrapbooking allows you to express the moment around the split second captured on film. Using prints, colors, stamps, and designs, backgrounds are created to tell a story beyond what is on the film.

Time to Paint with Watercolors
You’ll have TIME to paint – TIME you can’t often find at home.  This workshop is for beginners, or to refresh your skills.  Learn about color, how color pigments work, and how to put texture in your paintings.  Think  “time of year” – “special times” – “Girl Scout good times” and bring a few “TIME” related pictures or ideas to use as starting points for your paintings

Outdoor Skills - Beginner Level Cooking Level 1
Special Time: 1:00 - 5:00 pm (Sessions B & C) 
Learn and practice outdoor skills such as fire building, simple outdoor cooking, dressing for the weather, tying knots, using pocket knives and performing minor first aid. GSCWM requires that at least one adult per troop/group complete this course prior to building fires (indoors or outdoors), using propane stoves, and using pocket knives . Please plan to assist with clean up.

Saturday Workshops - Session C

Edible Plant Walk
Let's explore our own camp site for what could be our survival meal. Learn to identify plants that you often overlook. Look, see and taste Mother Nature’s bounty! Be prepared to keep up with the group as you walk through camp.

Learn the basic terms, how to hide and seek a cache, what to put in and take out, tracking trackables, and finding micros, minis, virtual, and Earth caches. We will track event caches, geocoins and travel bugs, and start our own logs. No experience is necessary, but if you have a hand-held GPS unit, bring it. Be prepared to keep up with the group as we walk through camp.

Letterboxing is treasure hunt. Learn the history, lingo, and tricks of this rewarding recreational hobby.  Letterboxing is a great activity to do with troops with routes all over towns, parks and the world.  Join us for a short hike to follow a trail of hidden boxes all around camp.  


Timeless Bag of Tricks
You've completed today's activity or your troop is waiting for their turn. So what now?  We'll provide leaders with resources for helping girls create or improvise with no props when you need NOW ideas "up your sleeve."  Plus, get some ideas to change the pace with a game or dance during a meeting.

Women Working Together—
Revealing the Hidden Rules

Women and men, girls and boys, operate by different friendship and workplace rules. Women’s rules are often more subtle and not articulated. Some women’s rules lead to positive outcomes. Others don’t. This workshop identifies common rules at play for women and girls. Participants will learn to identify the rules in their groups and develop skills to facilitate discussions about these rules and what needs to change.

Sunday Workshops - Session D

Asian Brush Painting
This workshop will include a brief history of brush painting and its current usage, along with instructions and materials needed to create a pine bough painting. An intermediate subject will be offered for those who have completed the basic session. Discussion will also include how this art can be used within the Girl Scout setting. Asian Brush painting is appropriate for all ages of Girl Scouts. 

Time-Tested Ceremonies and Traditions
Come learn ways to help Brownie and Junior girls connect with Girl Scout favorites, old time traditions and great ways to celebrate their accomplishments with a special ceremony. 

Time to Knit
It is about time for you to learn how to knit! Learn how to cast on stitches and create a scarf or a potholder by learning the basic knit stitch. This one stitch can propel you to be able to make all kinds of knitted creations.



Guiding Behaviors in the Troop
First, you’ll learn about things that all children need to be successful.  Then, using that list, we will then engage in activities that will help you learn how to set up troop meetings to guide behaviors in a safe and positive direction.  We will talk about typical challenging behaviors of younger girls and how to address them, focusing on redirection, discussion of emotions and helping children use their words to talk through conflict. 

Journey Through Girl Scouts
Have you been wondering how to customize a Girl Scout Journey and/or how the Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting fits in? This course will give you a better understanding of how to use national resources to fully engage your girls in the Girl Scout Leadership Experience.

Time for You—Yoga Practice
Special Time:  9:00-10:00 am
Follow a traditional Vinyasa Flow Yoga sequence in this class designed to move every muscle and articulate every joint.  Healthy spine and joints are emphasized as we move through a meditative and vigorous work-out. Be prepared to sweat! Class open to all levels. Yoga experience helpful, but not necessary. Bring your own yoga mat.

Drop-In Activities

A number of general activities are scheduled throughout the weekend for your enjoyment. “Camp Wide” activities will be available both Saturday and Sunday. Times and locations will be posted during the weekend. No sign-up needed.

A crackling fire, the crisp evening air, a tasty treat – a great way to end the day. Don’t forget your campfire ashes to add to our fire!

Girl Scouts are second to none in the many ways we greet our meals. Each meal will feature a special activity or song – some silly and some reflective – all in the spirit of thanks.

Choose a task from our chart to be completed during the weekend.  Kapers help to keep  our event running smoothly and are a Girl Scout tradition.

Pick up the clues and head out on your own.



Swimming and Boating
Come on down to the waterfront and enjoy yourself. Take a dip, or take out a kayak or canoe. Whichever you choose, you’ll be sure to have a lot of fun!

Tie Dye
Our very popular tie dye station will be up and running. Don’t forget to bring some items to tie dye. We’ll provide the dye, rubber bands and gloves.

S.W.A.P.S. are a part of our Girl Scout heritage no matter what you call them. There will be a drop-in station plus an instructed workshop during session A.

Strap on your hiking boots or shoes and head out to the observation tower with a buddy! Just follow your map to create your own outdoor adventure.




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