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Backyard Birds Gr K-3

Sat Mar 25, 1:30 PM - 4:00 PM
Hitchcock Center
Daisy, Brownie
Hampshire County

Ever wonder what that bird is? It’s springtime and more birds are beginning to appear in our backyards. Educator Katie Koerten will teach us about common birds that can be found all year in our neighborhoods. We will learn the basics of how to identify birds by watching the birds at the Hitchcock feeders and seeing what birds are out on our trails. We’ll play games, do hands-on activities and learn who our local feathered friends are! Dress for the weather as we will spend some time outside. Bring snacks or lunch.

Open to troops and girls with an adult.

$10 per girl
adults no charge

Contact Shelley at 413-256-6006 or for more information and to register by March 1.