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Gardener Gr 2-5

Sat May 13, 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Historic Deerfield
Brownie, Junior
Franklin County

Visit a traditional 18th century Cooks Garden in Historic Deerfield.  Join us to learn about the importance of a garden designed to provide herbs and vegetables for a colonial family. As you walk with a gardener you will hear stories about the importance of individual plants that were used to flavor a soup, cure a headache, perfume a room and herbs that would keep insects away from clothing and other textiles.   After exploring the garden using all of your five senses, you will plant herb seeds in small pots and make an herbal sachet to take home.  Curriculum ideas and background information will be provided to help you complete the rest of the requirements of the Gardner Badge (not included). 

Open to troops and girls with an adult.

$9 per girl
adults no charge

To register, call or email Faith Deering at 413-775-7116 or by May 4.