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Tile BeCAUSE for Your Citizen Badge Gr 2-3

Sat Oct 14, 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Let's Gogh Art Map
Thu Jun 01, 12:00 AM - Fri Sep 29, 11:45 PM
Program Type:
Life Skills
Eastern MA
Girl Fee:
Adult Fee:

Add some color and cause to completing your Citizen Badge (not included) with us hosting the creative fun! In our Walls That Unite Tile BeCAUSE program, you will choose from a variety of art tools to create your original art: markers, oil pastels, colored pencils, watercolors or acrylic paint and even collage with paper and glue. Once you create your unique piece, we will send it off to our printing facility where the art gets transferred onto ceramic tiles. We'll then send the tiles off to Kenya, Rwanda or Nepal where they'll be added to murals being installed in schools, libraries and orphanages and 30% of your workshop fee is used to fund books and other school supplies in these countries. This is a worldwide art service project you can feel good about! Is there a local mural being installed? We can send the tiles there as well. You will receive a Let's Gogh Art patch at completion. 

Contact Lynn at 978-833-6067 or to register by September 29.