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Under the Ancient Ocean Caving Adventure Gr 6-12

Sat May 20, 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM
Ward-Gregory Cave
Cadette, Senior, Ambassador
New York

When you slip through the door into the world of the subterranean, it is like landing on an entirely different planet. Caving, otherwise known as spelunking, is a unique and often pinnacle experience that explores the mysteries of the world below us. Join us for a full day trip to New York State to explore a limestone cave that was formed at the bottom of an ancient ocean and has almost a mile of winding passages, chambers and lake rooms! You’ll be able to see the very same stream that carved out the cave still running through it and will have lots of opportunities to discover the fossils of small ancient sea creatures embedded in the walls of the cave! Van transportation is included for this trip. Be sure to bring a hearty lunch!

Open to troops and girls with an adult.

$95 per girl
$95 per adult

To register, visit or call 413-253-4910 by May 5.