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Hot Glue Canvas Art is HOT and COOL! Gr 6-10

Sun May 06, 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Let's Gogh Art Map
Fri Sep 01, 12:00 AM - Fri Apr 27, 11:45 PM
Program Type:
Life Skills
Cadette, Senior
Eastern MA
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Adult Fee:

In this very unique workshop, you'll first draw a picture on a 12x12" canvas (we'll supply lots of inspirational ideas, from flowers to dragonflies and everything in between). Next, using a hot glue gun, you'll "trace" over the lines in your drawing adding hot glue wherever there's a pencil mark. Then, you'll paint your canvas. The final step in this magnificent masterpiece is using a black sharpie to go over your hot glue lines. The final effect is something similar to stained glass! Use the workshop to help meet guidelines for your level badges (not included) or just for fun. You'll also receive a Let's Gogh Art patch!

Contact Lynn at 978-833-6067 or to register by April 27.