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Session Time  
Registration: 8:15-9:00  
Opening: 9:00-10:05  
Session 1: 10:15-11:10 Workshop 1
Session 2: 11:20-12:15 Lunch 1/Workshop 2
Session 3: 12:25-1:20 Lunch 2/Workshop 3/Expo 3
Session 4: 1:30-2:25 Workshop 4/Expo 4
Session 5: 2:35-3:30 Workshop 5/Expo 5
Session 6: 3:40-4:35 Workshop 6/Expo 6
Closing & Checkout 4:45-5:00  

Girls MUST schedule the following*: (No exceptions, please!)

  • 1 Lunch
  • 1 Expo
  •  4 Workshops 
  • 1 T-shirt size

*Registrations without a lunch or expo session scheduled will be assigned a session and you may lose your favorite workshop. Please be sure to fill your schedule as listed above so you are not disappointed; changes cannot be made.

You MUST provide a password for dismissal.

Passwords are used for the safety of your daughter; girls will not be released to any adult who does not provide the password at pick up. Please enter this password in the "OTHER" field on your registration-the system does not directly ask you for “Password”.

When you register on-line, you will be able to see immediately if workshops have openings and know what you are enrolled in. If registering by paper, registrations and workshops will be entered on a first-come basis and you will not have the ability to see immediately what workshops are still available. For this reason, we ask that you register on-line if possible. Due to many factors such as last minute cancellations, unforeseen circumstances, etc., girls do not receive confirmations of workshops until the day of the event when they will receive their schedules.

There are many reasons why we need to add on more workshops within the first couple of weeks once registration opens and this is why we offer such a great discount for early registration. We cannot switch girls out of workshops once they have signed up for any reason; please schedule carefully.

Available Workshops:

A Better World Through Better Chemistry

Learn all about the need for sustainability in chemistry and how new innoviations in chemistry help to make a better world. You'll then get to make a usable product using sustainable techniques!
For Grades 4-5 - Session 1

Blue Bottle Experiment

This experiment workshop will introduce you to the concepts of oxidation and reduction. In this hands-on activity you will learn about how glucose oxidation takes place and why.

Breakthroughs In Genetics

Learn all about the new and interesting breakthroughs in human genetics, cell biology and a possible new gene therapy for Down Syndrome.  You will even make your own candy karyotype or mitosis chart!

Brilliant Botany-Careers in Plant Science

From redwoods to wildflowers, the planet is covered in plants! Come learn all about careers in plant science, about awesome women in botany, new research finds and plant your very own seed to take home!

Campus Tour

Have you ever been on a college campus before? Wondered what it would be like to live there? Current WPI students will take you on a walking tour of the campus. You'll get to see academic buildings, classrooms, the library, a residence hall, the dining hall, our Sports & Recreation Center, and the Campus Center. Your tour guides will talk about their experiences as WPI students, and you'll be able to ask them questions about what it is really like to be a college student!
For Grades 4-8 - Sessions 2, 3

Career Exploration

This is  1your chance to meet women in facinating STEM fields, find out why they chose their particular field and what it takes to get there! With small groups, you'll have plenty of time for questions and answers and really find out what it takes to get where you want to go!

Chemical Reactions that Drive the Everyday World

From glow sticks to household items, we are surrounded by chemical reactions! Come and investigate how glow sticks work, the many different properties of polymers, and the acids and bases that are found in our homes. Our stations with hands-on activities will leave you with the necessary tools to become scientific investigators of the world around you.

Chemistry Lab

Colorful chemical reactions spark creative scientific exploration as you explore with everyday chemicals in exciting new ways. Learn how to whip up your own chemical pH tester and discover a world of acids and bases. Finish up your investigation with a metal altering experiment.

Chromatography, Carotenoids and Spinach

Presense of carotenoids in spinach and other green leafy vegetables will be confirmed with this hands-on experiment workshop where you will learn all about chromatography.
For Grades 4-8 - Session 2

Combining GIS (Geographic Information Systems), STEM and Civic Engagement

What is GIS? Viewing and analyzing data on a map impacts our understanding of data and helps us to understand what belongs where. Using GIS as a STEM skill that can be used to analyize almost any topic, you'll be able to map the places you spend most of your time and use those mappings in your schoolowrk or to try and understand other communities-the sky is the limit!
For Grades 4-8 - Session 1

DC Motors and Jitterbugs

Female Engineering Ambassadors at WPI will teach you what DC motors are, how they work, what they are used for in our everday lives, and their future applications and innovations. You'll then get to create and decorate a dancing "jitterbug" that you will get to keep! 
For Grades 4-8 - Session 2

Design a Heart Valve

Your heart is responsible for pumping blood through your body, but sometimes it can be damaged. Learn about how Biomedical Engineers help keep hearts healthy and build your own heart valve to help repair the heart!
For Grades 6-8 - Sessions 2, 3

Drawing "UP"

Learn about the techniques of drawing "up" with a 3-D pen while you begin to undersetand the spacial relationship between objects in 2-D and 3-D. Great for girls who are interested in designing and printing from a 3-D printer! You will even get to take home something that YOU create using the 3-D pens!

Exploring Basic Electric Circuits and Electromagnetism

We will review the elements of a basic circuit and then we will build and test an electromagnet as we explore a few of the variables involved.
For Grades 4-8 - Sessions 5, 6

Exploring Engineering Design with Balloon Powered Cars

Teams of 2-3 will design, build, and test  balloon powered cars following the engineering design process. Teams will redesign and test as time allows.
For Grades 4-8 - Sessions 4, 6

Exploring Mindfulness

Learn about mindfulness, what it is and examine the basic elements of it. You'll get to practice being mindful and find out how it benefits you at home and in school!
For Grades 4-8 - Sessions 1, 2

Exploring the Phycial Properties of Minerals

We will investigate a number of physical properties of rocks and minerals by testing and comparing  mineral samples with streak and hardness tests and more.
For Grades 4-6 - Session 4, 6

Expo Hall

Hands-on, interactive, informative and yes- SUPER FUN! The Expo Hall will be wall-to-wall STEM excitement with robots, Giant Games, experiments, demonstrations, raffles and so much more! All girls MUST pick only one Expo session; the Expo is offered during 3 and 5.
For Grades 4-8 - Sessions 3, 5 


Our STEAM designers will take courture fashion to a new level by incorporating elements from today's fashion trends-from eco-friendly global apparel directives and illustrating them 3-dimensionally on a small dress form. You will incorporate high-tech elements like LED lighting, sunscreen infused UV ray protective fabric, touch sensitive metallics, the technology of drawing with 3-D pens, and much more-to create a futuristic 3-D "sketch" of a couture, fashion inspired Girl Scout uniform of the future! You will even get to take home your dress form when you are done!

Flight Simulators: Sit in the Pilot's Seat

You'll learn all about the basic parts of a plane, the far forces of flight and the basic instruments of flight before taking your turn at "flying" in our flight simulators!
For Grades 6-8 - Session 5

From the Power Plant to the Light Switch

Have you ever wondered how electricity goes from the power plant to your home? Or what happens when there is a power outage? Then this workshop is for you! Energy, energy efficiency and overall sustainability affects everyone. We'll have interactive games to help you learn the answers to all of these questions! We'll even learn how technologies like solar and wind power will change the electric system!
For Grades 6-8 - Session 4

Girls, Goals, and Glitter!

Learn how to become a leader in whatever field life draws you to! Work together, learn about goal setting, and create a sparkly reminder of how amazing you truly are. This workshop is a mix of team building, crafts, and dreaming big!

Home Sweet Biome: Cultural Diversity in Historical Native Americans

How did historical Native Americans respond to their environments? Join us and find out!
For Grades 4-5 - Sessions 3, 4, 5

Hot Air Balloons: Aerodynamics in Action

Learn all about hot air balloons, the history of the first flight, the instruments and the parts of the balloon and then as teams, you'll get to make a hot air balloon!
For Grades 6-8 - Session 3

Hydraulic Fun

Engineer motion using water pressure and interlocking blocks to build a moving machine to knock over multiple targeted objects on multiple tiered levels in this hydraulics workshop!

iCAN-and so Can YOU!

Join members of Integrated Concentration in Science Alumni Network (iCAN) and hear all about STEM fields from professionals from Massachusetts General Hospital, Wyss Institute, KAYAK, Harvard School of Public Health, Harvard University Division of Medical Sciences and University of Massachusetts Medical School to find out how they made it in their fields-and how YOU can too! From careers in biology, biomedical research, physics, software engineering, microbiology, infectious disease, neuroscience and more-this is the career exploration you CAN'T miss!
For Grades 4-8 - Session 6

Interactive Game Design & Entreprenuership with Unruly Splats

Introducing the first ever Active STEM Play experience. Unruly Splats is a set of programmable electronic floor tiles that you can code, jump on, and run around to play active games like hopscotch, relay races, and dance routines. Come to our workshop and learn how to design real-world games with code and learn how the company was built from the founder.

Lemons + Led = Power

The Lemons + Led = Power workshop will demonstrate the existence and workability of electricity and its currents. In a simplistic set-up, you will understand the concepts of electricity and recreate your own current.

Life or Death-Choose Your Own Adventure!

Your team must make the right decisions to spare the residents of Anytown from a hazardous materials disaster! Use data provided by the HazMat team to determine whether you must evacuate or tell people to shelter-in-place, how you can protect the environment from the toxic substance, and how you can stop the spill from causing even more damage.


An all-you-can eat lunch in the college dining hall with more choices than you will ever imagine! Options available for all diets, diet restrictions and likes! Clean kitchen and seating area also available. All girls MUST pick one lunch session, either Lunch 1 OR Lunch 2.
For Grades 4-8 - Sessions 2, 3

Membranes and Alcohol? Beets Me!

Ever wonder why alcohol can be so dangerous to living organisms? Come watch beet membranes lyse before your eyes in an exciting experiment!
For Grades 6-8 - Sessions 4, 5

Mermaid Magic

Whether it's sailing, SCUBA, or snorkeling, loaving that amazing ecosystem is all part of why we can do what we do! Learn about oceans and ways to keep them clean and make a mermaid reminder of how strong and powerful you are. You and the ocean RULE! This workshop includes some cool science experiments, leaning about water and the oceans, and feeling good about who you are.

Mini Rockets You Can Make Every Day

Come play (experiment) with matches with us! We will be making mini rockets out of household everyday items, and have a competition for rocket distance traveled. This activity will include the opportunity to meet and chat with physics and engineering women in STEM at UMass Amherst.
For Grades 6-8 - Session 3

Mind Games With Science: Think, Learn & Have Fun!

Learn more about how you think so that you can be safer, a better student and a better communicator. You will participate in games which illustrate our strengths and weaknesses as we sense, perceive, think, learn, remember, make decisions, respond and multi-task. We'll also discuss careers in human factors/ergonomics, which combines knowledge of engineering and psychology to design products and systems which are safe, easy and fun to use. Everyone participates and some adventuresome girls will participate "on stage". You may even with a prize!

Murder Mystery Solved Using Chemistry!

Join us for a hands-on murder myster lab where you will use chemistry techniques such as ink chromatography, precipitate reaction and more to solve our murder mystery!

Orbits and Gravity: Space-time Simulator

Learn why planets revolve around the sun in our interactive orbits demo! Our space-time simulator will demonstrate gravity, orbital dynamics and solar system dynamics.
For Grades 4-8 - Sessions 1, 2, 4, 5, 6

Physical Changes of Matter

Experiment with dry ice and liquid nitrogen as together we investigate the physical properties of solids, liquids and gasses. Shatter flowers and rubber bands, use a banana as a hammer and shrink a metal ball in just seconds. Explroation stations will allow you to work directly with dry ice and discover just how amazing science can be!

Rainforest Reptile Show

From alligators, turtles and snakes from the neo-tropical rain forest to the sub-tropical rain forest of the world-you'll get hands-on (if you want to!) during this workshop! You will be thrilled and excited by our Life-Time Girl Scout herpetologist who will give you every fact and dispel your misconceptions about the rainforest and the reptiles that live in them. 
For Grades 6-8 - Sessions 1, 2, 3

Roller Coasters Revenge

What kind of roller coasters do you love? Cork screws? Ones with loops? Do you like wooden or steel? Learn about the different types of roller coasters and test out your own!

Scientific Drawing and Observation

We will be observing animals  and animal artifacts and learning how to create scientifically accurate representations.

SMILE Workshop

Learn how to make the most of your day using our SMILE acronym to better yourself and live a more confident life. You will get a SMILE journal-a creative journal that allows you to think and color at the same time!
For Grades 4-8 - Session 3

Suit Up for Space

It's all about space in this workshop! Try on a spacesuit, sample food that astronauts would eat in space and even play space games! 
For Grades 4-8 - Sessions 1, 2, 4, 5, 6

Veterinary Medicine and Engineering

Come hear how veterinary medicine and engineering are connected. You'll then put on your engineering hat to solve a dog's medical problem!

What Chemicals are in Our Food?

What chemicals can be found in the food we eat? Throuigh two hands-on activities, we'll separate and see! You'll see the different molecules in Skittles, Kool-ai and cabbage.

Wicked Science

This GIG session will include fun experiments covering the study of geometric properties, vortexes, pressure, static electricity, polymers and propulsion. Wow! Why does it do that?  What causes that zap? Girls will do hands on experiments that they will take home and be able to WOW their families, friends and Science Teachers. Is it magic?...No Science!

Why Are Big Trees Important?

Learn how to measure a tree without cutting it down and learn the values of trees and their importance in urban ecosystems.
For Grades 4-8 - Sessions 1, 2, 4, 5, 6

Women in Robotics Engineering

Build and code robots! Learn about obsticles faced in basic robotics, and learn about the possible careers in the field!
For Grades 4-8 - Sessions 1, 4, 5, 6

You Better Be-Leaf It: Air and Water Cycles Through the Lens of Plants

Join us in making mini terrariums, while learning about how plants are good for the air and the environment. We will explore chemistry, biology, and general environmental science principles, and all the participants will get to take a terrarium home!
For Grades -8 - Session 2