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Session Time  
Registration: 8:15-9:00  
Opening: 9:00-10:05  
Session 1: 10:15-11:10 Workshop 1
Session 2: 11:20-12:15 Lunch 1/Workshop 2
Session 3: 12:25-1:20 Lunch 2/Workshop 3/Expo 3
Session 4: 1:30-2:25 Workshop 4/Expo 4
Session 5: 2:35-3:30 Workshop 5/Expo 5
Session 6: 3:40-4:35 Workshop 6/Expo 6
Closing & Checkout 4:45-5:00  

Girls MUST schedule the following*: (No exceptions, please!)

  • 1 Lunch
  • 1 Expo
  •  4 Workshops 
  • 1 T-shirt size

*Registrations without a lunch or expo session scheduled will be assigned a session and you may lose your favorite workshop. Please be sure to fill your schedule as listed above so you are not disappointed; changes cannot be made.

You MUST provide a password for dismissal.

Passwords are used for the safety of your daughter; girls will not be released to any adult who does not provide the password at pick up. Please enter this password in the "OTHER" field on your registration-the system does not directly ask you for “Password”.

When you register on-line, you will be able to see immediately if workshops have openings and know what you are enrolled in. If registering by paper, registrations and workshops will be entered on a first-come basis and you will not have the ability to see immediately what workshops are still available. For this reason, we ask that you register on-line if possible. Due to many factors such as last minute cancellations, unforeseen circumstances, etc., girls do not receive confirmations of workshops until the day of the event when they will receive their schedules.

There are many reasons why we need to add on more workshops within the first couple of weeks once registration opens and this is why we offer such a great discount for early registration. We cannot switch girls out of workshops once they have signed up for any reason; please schedule carefully.

Available Workshops:

Basic Genetics (Gr 4-8)

How can you use genetics to solve real problems? Learn how to investigate inherited traits in this workshop with a real genetics researcher!
Session 1, 4, 5 (Gr4-5) / Session 2, 6 (Gr6-8)

Biology, Biotechnology, and Jeapardy! Oh My! (Gr 4-8)

You may have seen her compete in the 2018 Jeapardy! College Championship-now meet Alli Ross in person! Alli set her sights on competing on Jeapardy! at the young age of 10 when she passed the test and got her first audition to appear on Jeapardy! Alli will be one of our keynote speakers but you can attend a Meet and Greet in smaller sessions and hear all about  the experiences she had growing up that led her to major in the STEM fields of biology and biotechnology, specifically veterinary medicine, at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. From participating in Adventures in Veterinary Medicine at the Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, to shadowing veterinarians at local animal hospitals and volunteering at Baypath Humane Society, Alli has a lot more to share than just her experiences of appearing on Jeapardy! 

Session 1, 2, 3

Bottle Rockets (Gr 4-5)

Learn all about chemistry and engieering with bottle rockets and the Flying Cloud Institute!
Session 1


Brilliant Botany-Careers in Plant Science (Gr 6-8)

From Redwoods to wildflowers, the planet is covered in plants. Learn about careers in plant science, aweseome women in botany, what's new in research, and plant your own seed to take home with Brilliant Botany.
Session 2, 4

Campus Tours (Gr 4-8)

Have you ever been on a college campus before? Wondered what it would be like to live there? Current Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) students will take you on a walking tour of the campus.  Your tour guides will talk about their experiences as WPI students, and you'll be able to ask them questions about what it is really like to be a college student!
Session 1

Candy Chromatography (Gr 4-5)

What is candy chromatography? Join the Flying Cloud Institute and find out in this hands-on workshop!
Session 2

Career Exploration (Gr 4-8)

This is your chance to meet women in facinating STEM fields, find out why they chose their particular field and what it takes to get there! With small groups, you'll have plenty of time for questions and answers and really find out what it takes to get where you want to go!
Session 3

Code Your World (Gr 4-8)

Code Your World with Umass Extension-4-H YDP! Using games and hands-on fun you'll learn all about computer science that will bring coding to life through hands-on activites. Great for first-time and beginner coders. 
Session 1, 2, 4, 5

Connecting Water Quality with What Lives In It (Gr 6-8)

You'll collect macro-invertebrates (BUGS!) that live in a river water sample, identify by eye and with microscopes the bugs we find and sort them as a group. The kinds of bugs in the water will tell us something about the levels of pollution and oxygen in the river. You'll also learn from Smith College what roles YOU can play to keep water clean. 
Session 2, 4, 6

Enhance Your Image with 3-D Technologies (Gr 4-8)

Play with different 3-D imaging techniques and learn how they are used to enhance pictures, games, movies and to create virtual reality with Quinsigamond Community College.
Session 1

Engineering Beyond the Textbook (Gr 6-8)

Take part in a paper tower challenge and an engineering nail balance challenge while learning all about engineering!
Session 1, 3, 4, 5, 6

Engineering Design (Gr 4-5)

Learn all about the engineering design process as you and your team work with Smith College to design, build and test a free-standing tower out of pasta and marshmallows!
Session 3, 5, 6

Exploring Engineering Design with Balloon Powered Cars (Gr 4-8)

Teams of 2-3 will design, build, and test  balloon powered cars following the engineering design process. Teams will redesign and test as time allows.
Session 4, 5, 6

Expo Hall (Gr 4-8)

Hands-on, interactive, informative and yes- SUPER FUN! The Expo Hall will be wall-to-wall STEM excitement with robots, Giant Games, experiments, demonstrations, raffles and so much more! One Expo session per girl. All girls MUST pick only one Expo Hall; the Expo Hall is offered during 3, 4, 5 and 6. 

Forensic Detective (Gr 6-8)

Explore the world of crime scene forensics with Bay Path University. Apply the principles of forensic science to a hypothetical crime. You will enter into a mock crime scene learning the fun tools on how to solve the question of… who did it?
Session 1, 3, 4, 5, 6

Forensic Science (Gr 6-8)

Compare how well fingerprints are able to collected from different materials that are commonly found at crime scenes with the Delta Delta Epsilon Alpha Eta Chapter from Bay Path University! You'll even get to try your hand and lifting prints from different materials. 
Session 3, 4

Girls Sci Out (Gr 4-5)

Ever thought about why the door knob shocks you when you're wearing woolen socks in the winter? Want to make beautiful patterns and sounds using just your hands and a bowl of water? Well stop by so you can learn a whole lot of Physics while having fun with the different experiments that the Science Outreach Club of UMass will be bringing!
Session 3, 4


Hydraulics (Gr 4-8)

Engineering motion is a lot of fun when you use water pressure and interlocking blocks to build a moving machine and knock over targeted objects with the Museum of Science!
Session 1, 2, 4, 5

Investigating Electromagnetism (Gr 4-8)

You and your team will review basic electric circuits and then make an electro magnet. You'll work with Smith College with the variables of an electromagnet and make your magnet do a specific task.
Session 2, 4, 6

Light it Up (Gr 4-8)

Learn all about how circuits work with Project GUST and then make a greeting card that can light up with LEDs!
Session 2, 4, 5

Lunch (Gr 4-8)

An all-you-can eat lunch in the college dining hall with more choices than you will ever imagine! Options available for all diets, diet restrictions and likes! "Clean" kitchen and seating area also available. All girls MUST pick EITHER Lunch in Session 2 or Session 3

micro:bits For Fun (Gr 4-8)

Come learn to create blinking messages and play "rock-paper-scissors" with a micro:bit computer. What is a micro:bit computer? Join Project Lead the Way and find out!
Session 1, 2

Mind Games with Science: Think, Learn & Have Fun! (Gr 4-8)

Learn more about how you think by participating in games which illustrate our strengths and weaknesses as we sense, perceive, think, learn, remember, make decisions, respond and multi-task during Mind Games With Science and Education by Entertainment. IMPORTANT: this workshop is photographed for a slideshow during the program which is then shared with the participants; all participants agree to have their photo taken for purpose of the slideshow only. 
Session 1, 2, 5, 6

Mindstorm Mayhem (Gr 6-8)

Join the WPI students of the Women in Robotics Engineering (WiRE) team to build and code robots! You'll learn about the obsticles faced in basic robotics and about the many careers in the field! 
Session 1, 2, 4, 5, 6

Physical Changes of Matter (Gr 6-8)

Experiment with dry ice and liquid nitrogen with The Discover Museum as we investigate the physical properties of solids, liquids, and gases. Shatter flowers and rubber bands, use a banana as a hammer, and shrink a metal ball in just seconds. You will work in stations that will allow you to work directly with dry ice and discover just how amazing science can be!
Session 1, 2

Program Your FIRST Robot (Gr 4-8)

Burncoat Robotics is back for its sixth year and is going to help you program your First robot! In small teams you will learn how to program robots using LEGO Mindstorms. Some of the things you will learn how to do include driving set distances, detecting objects in front of you, and how to traverse a route to pick up an object.
Session 1, 2 (Gr 4-5) / Session 4, 5 (Gr 6-8)

Prosthetic Party (Gr 4-8)

How can you think like an engineer to help a dog that has lost its leg from a malignant tumor? Join the veterinarians from Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University and focus on the disease process leading to the leg amputation and then you'll become a biomedical engineer and design and construct a prosthesis for the dog!
Session 1, 2, 4, 5

Rock On (Gr 4-8)

The work of Earth Science is extremely important in today's guickly changing world. "Rock On" with geologists from Beneski Museum of Natural History at Amherst College and have hands-on opportunities to examine geological and paleontological evidence of the past and learn how we can connect today with tomorrow. Understanding our past environments will help us protect the environments today and into the future.
Session 1 (Gr 6-8) / Session 2 (Gr 4-5)

Sound Waves (Gr 4-5)

Join The Discovery Museum to explore simple models while delving into the science of sound and how it travels. You'll engage in exploring and creating unique sound makers with household materials.
Session 4, 5

Suit Up for Space (Gr 4-8)

It's all about space in David Clark Co., Inc.'s workshop! Try on a spacesuit, sample food that astronauts would eat in space, learn about the International Space Station, and even play space games with space toys!
Session 1, 2, 4, 5, 6

The Perfect Storm: Using Brainstorming in the Product Development Process (Gr 4-8)

Explore the power and impact of the brainstorming technique as it relates to the product development process. You'll work with Worcester Polytechnic Institute and participate in team activities relating to brainstorming.
Session 1, 3

The Science of Leadership and Finding the Leader in You

Learn how our biology, history, and language shapes our ability to lead with DESCO Medical Service and Lead Yourself Youth. Learn strategies to take new action when self-doubt arrises that you can apply throughout your life.
Session 1, 2, 3, 4

What is Oceanography? (Gr 6-8)

What is Oceanography and why is it fun? Join Ellyn Montgomery and find out! You'll also get to experiment with changing water properties and discover the effects on density. 
Session 2

Windmills Gr (6-8)

You'll learn all about renewable energy and put it into practice! Become engineers as you work with Worcester Polytechnic Institute and learn how to develop blades that will be able to generate enough power to lift a set of small weights!
Session 1, 2

Winter is Coming-The Science of Snow and Ice (Gr 4-8)

What makes snow so magical? Why is snow sometimes fluffy and sometimes hard and icy? Speaking of ice, what's the best way to melt it? You'll explore the fabulous world of winter when you try multiple ways to make snow, explore ice and so much more with Meghan "Mouse" Schafer-our very own GIG mascot! Winter is coming-are your ready?!
Session 3, 4 (Gr 6-8)  / 6 (Gr 4-5)