Allison A. of Athol
Dress for Job Success

My project was called “Dress for Job Success.” I wanted to work on a recycling project and found that recycling gently used work clothes could help people in my community. I learned from our local social service agency that people needed appropriate clothes for job interviews and other appointments. I was able to set up a dress clothing boutique at the local social service agency. I collected gently used clothing from family, friends, and local businesses to stock the boutique. Both men and women who did not have the means to buy new clothing benefitted from my project. What I learned from this project is that our community has many needs and that one person can make a difference. I also found that people in my community were very generous with their donations. I hope the community will continue to make donations for this important cause. A special moment from this project was actually seeing how much clothing was being donated.

Allison had an early start in life when she was born 3 months premature and weighed just 1 pound, 3 ounces. As a result, she has dealt with many health issues throughout her life. When Allison was in kindergarten, her mother enrolled her in Girl Scouts in order to “make some new friends and learn to socialize.” As a Girl Scout Junior, Allison enjoyed earning badges. As a Cadette, she had many new experiences which built her confidence, such as riding a horse and climbing a rock wall. One of her favorite memories is the sleepovers and the time her group made cookie jars for Christmas gifts. Eventually, Allison reached the Senior/Ambassador level, which has been fun, even though it came with a lot of responsibility. Allison is now headed to college, with a lifetime membership to Girl Scouts in her pocket - thanks to her leaders. After college, Allison hopes to work in health care.