Allison L. of Townsend
Re-doing the School Library

For my Gold Award project I choose to address the issue of limited resources at the Ashley Elementary School (AES) Library. Due to limited personnel, AES was unable to process a large shipment of new books. In addition, since most of their video collection was in an outdated VHS format, many children weren’t able to view them. I decided to develop a project that addressed these issues and got children into the library to instill a love of reading! 

The first aspect of my project involved gathering a team to work on processing and organizing the new books, so they would be accessible to the students.  I then learned how to use a VHS to DVD converter and converted all of the videos to DVD format. I also held a five-week after-school program for girls to instill a love of reading.  The after-school program was a success and we repeated it for a second group of girls.  The students of the National Honor Society have committed to continuing the after-school program. 

Through my Gold Award project, I learned that I am good at persevering through set-backs and that I can “go with the flow”.  I also learned that I am not suited for repetitive work, but I got it done!

Allison has been a Girl Scout since the first grade. Her favorite Girl Scout activity is camping. Allison is the recipient of The Prudential Spirit of Community Award which she received after volunteering over 250 hours in 2011.  Allison is part of a group that travels annually to New Orleans and spends a week working on hurricane repair, this year her group painted houses.  Allison will be attending Lyndon State College this fall studying Atmospheric Science.