Erin W. of Boylston
Operation Make the World Smile

I created “Operation Make the World Smile” to combat the spread of the high-stress, rude, angry nature in people around the world. I witness it happen frequently - someone in a bad mood does something to anger the stranger next to them, who then picks a fight with an innocent bystander, who gives attitude to the next person they see on the street. It starts a chain reaction.  My goal is to spread more smiles, and therefore improve the lives of people around the world. Who knows how a single smile could change a person’s life? To achieve the aforementioned goal, the Operation is based on the concept of ‘Send It On’-when something kind is done to or for you, simply return the favor and do something nice for someone else. If everyone lives by that rule all the time, soon everyone will be doing thoughtful things for others! To spread my message, I created a website promoting a Random Acts of Kindness Challenge. Don’t forget to SMILE!

Erin has been a Girl Scout for as long as she can remember. She has attended day camp at Camp Laurel Wood every summer - first as a camper, then as a Program Aide, and finally as an intern. Some highlights of her Girl Scout experience are trips to New York, Boston, and camping excursions. In addition to Girl Scouts, Erin has run cross-country for 6 years and track for 4 years. Erin participated in Model UN, Leo’s Club, Invisible Children, Student Council, National Honor Society, and various plays. 

Erin is currently entering her sophomore year at UMass Amherst, and is studying journalism and communications. She hopes to become a broadcast journalist, preferably focused in entertainment journalism. This summer she is jumping headfirst into the entertainment journalism industry with an internship for an online entertainment magazine.