Janet S. of Harvard
Expanding Youth Programs at the HPL

Since the new Harvard Public Library opened five years ago, I have spent a lot of time there as a volunteer and Teen Advisory Board member. When I began thinking about possibilities for a Gold Award project, my mind immediately went to the library, a place I love, and where I knew I could make a difference.  I read an article and learned that many kids were going to the library after school and being disruptive.  I met with the Children’s and Youth Librarians and brainstormed ways to help. I organized and ran a series of knitting programs, seasonal craft and food programs, helped with the new teen website, and worked on the library’s new policy for the coming school year.   When I walk into the library after school, I usually run into girls who participated in my programs. I get a hug or two and invitations to play games with them. Knowing that I made a difference in their lives is  my favorite part of the project.  

I was invited to my town’s Memorial Day Ceremony to read the bill that created Memorial Day and the names of the recently deceased veterans from our town.   This privilege has historically been given to local Eagle Scouts.  It was an honor to be given this opportunity, and to see the value my community placed on the Girl Scout Gold Award.

For the past 12 years, Girl Scouts has been one of Janet’s favorite activities. She is now completing her 4th year as Class Treasurer, and her 1st year as both the Tri M Music Honor Society Treasurer, and the Spanish Honor Society Treasurer.  Janet is an avid library volunteer, and participates in her school’s Peer Tutoring program. She has been her school’s starting Varsity Softball pitcher since eighth grade, and is a member of the Math Team, while working at Dunkin Donuts. Janet plans to attend college in 2013; she is considering a major in bioengineering.