Jeanelle W. of Auburn
One World, Many Flavors

My project, “One World, Many Flavors,” educated children, from a young age, to embrace rather than fear diversity in our world. 

I wrote a book called “The Ice Cream Challenge,” which I used in a series of presentations. In my story, a town is separated by ice cream tastes. As I read the story, the children were encouraged to act out several parts. I then led a discussion on themes related to the story.  To remember the lessons of my story, the final page contains a rhyming “pledge,” which I copied and gave to each child.  It reads, “As I munch on this here ice/I promise to do something nice/I’ll choose my friends not by what they eat/but if their insides are truly sweet.” 

My project benefited students in ways I did not expect, such as my becoming a role model for the children and an inspiration for their own writing and reading. I grew as a leader and as a public speaker, becoming more comfortable being in the spotlight. 

Jeanelle is a  sophomore and has been a Girl Scout for eight years. Besides working for peace, social justice, and human rights, Jeanelle also enjoys a wide range of activities including going to college lectures, watching films and theatrical productions, and playing the clarinet in Auburn High School’s band. Jeanelle volunteers at both the Worcester and Auburn public libraries. She loves reading and writing, and over the past three years, has won fifteen different writing awards. Jeanelle is involved in her church, plays on the parish volleyball team, and has been the #1 singles player on the Auburn High varsity tennis team for two years.