Judith D. of Southbridge
Peace, Let God Begin with Me!

For my project, I eliminated graffiti and created a mural on the side of a school. Before this mural was painted, the wall where students, teachers and parents would pass each day had graffiti on it. The students are young and impressionable, so being subjected to vandalism each day can desensitize them to the fact that graffiti is illegal.  This project appealed to me as it gave me the opportunity to give back to the Catholic school I attended for 9 years, and the community.  When an area in town gets run down and it is not maintained, like a disease the destruction spreads. By eliminating the graffiti and putting a mural for all to see, it helped the teachers, administration and children continue with their Peace Initiative. The mural has a cross, a globe and a dove to symbolize unity and peace. Each student that was present at the school dipped their hand in paint and placed it on one side of the image.  I look back at what I’ve achieved; having had doubts in the beginning, but then realizing how to overcome them, plan, and accomplish the idea and to translate it  to art.

Judith started art lessons at an early age; she has always expressed herself best through art.  In kindergarten, she joined a Daisy troop that formed at her elementary school. Each year Girl Scouting brought new challenges which were met with courage and strength. Judith is a graduate of Holy Name High School. When she was a freshman, she took a Girl Scout trip to the Savannah, GA and visited the birthplace of Juliette Gordon Low, the founder of Girl Scouts.  While on that trip, Judith discovered the Savannah College of Art & Design where she is currently completing her freshman year.