Kaileigh H of Athol
Be the One; A Group of Victims of Bullying

My project addressed bullying within the local middle school. I chose not to raise awareness of bullying like other programs, but to supply victims with a means of support. I created and organized a program which brought together a small group of students for ten weeks. During the program, the students were presented the opportunity to share their stories, build confidence, and make new friends, as well as learn coping techniques to deal with bullies.

I truly came to learn so much from the students through our surprisingly deep conversations. I worked closely with the guidance counselor at the school to organize this program and I feel as though she also benefited from this program, as she learned how victims really cope. She has arranged to continue this program and I hope to find a way in which I can spread my program to other schools in order to impact and guide more victims in the journey of hope. 

Kaileigh began Girl Scouting in kindergarten. She has received both the Bronze and Silver Awards. Kaileigh attended Camp Marion White and served as a PA, LIT, and then an Intern, as well as an archery instructor. From 2009-2011 she was on the board of directors for GSCWM, as well as the board of directors for her religious youth group.

Kaileigh is a 2012 graduate of St Joseph Central High School, where she swam, played varsity volleyball, wrote for the literary magazine, was editor of the yearbook, head of the prom and dance committee, and was in every play and musical. She plans to study photography at New England College in the fall.