Kimberly P. of Florence
Shades of Pink for Gold

I picked my Gold Award Project, “Shades of Pink for Gold,” because I believe in affordable mammogram screenings. Wondering how to address the issue, I realized I was good at making jewelry. Therefore, I decided to make and sell pink jewelry in the month of October. Each piece had a tag attached explaining my project. Anyone who saw the jewelry knew the proceeds would directly benefit women in western Massachusetts by making mammograms affordable.

One of my favorite memories of my project was being able to meet the women in the mammogram screening department at Cooley Dickinson Hospital. They were so grateful and it felt wonderful to know that my project would help women in need in my community.  The other was when I received a letter in the mail from a breast cancer survivor. She had seen an article about my project in the newspaper and wanted to thank me personally. I may never know how many people I helped, but knowing that I had made a difference in this one woman’s life is enough. My jewelry lives on as breast cancer awareness symbols.

Kimberly has been a Girl Scout since kindergarten. Girl Scouts taught her a lot about herself and has provided her with many valuable skills including self-confidence, leadership, and determination.

Over the years, Kimberly has increased her leadership positions at Camp Lewis Perkins, starting as a Program Aide, then a Leader-In-Training, and more recently an Intern. From a young age, Girl Scouts got Kimberly excited about doing community service, such as picking up trash on the bike trail or collecting food for the survival center. She has also participated in community service activities through National Honor Society. In the fall, Kimberly will attend Endicott College in Beverly, where she will study creative writing, hoping to go into the advertising or publishing industry.