Megan F. of Westfield
Reason in a Reasonable Form

For my Gold Award project, I started a philosophy program at my high school based on a class that was once offered there. The philosophy class was a high-honors program for students seventeen and older. It was cut in past years due to budget restraints, but was supposed to be brought back this past year. Much to our disappointment, it was not.

That’s where I stepped in. I developed a philosophy program which covered much of the material from the class and, because the former philosophy teacher generously agreed to advise the program, new materials were not needed. The program taught higher-level thinking, intellectual debate, objectivity, and alternate points of view. And though it is an academic program, it is a very relaxed setting, with as few as three members to as many as twenty at any given meeting. Officers were elected and are entrusted with the running of the club until new officers take their place.

Megan is a baritone horn player in her school’s band and vice-president of the school’s fencing club. She is also a member of the National Honor Society, Vice-President of Administration of her Venture Crew and of the Council’s Venture Officer’s Association.

In her fourteen years of Girl Scouting, she has earned many awards including Program Aide, Leader-in-Training, Counselor-in-Training, and the Bronze, Silver, and now, the Gold Award. After high school, Megan is headed to Framingham State University to major in Criminology and Psychology with a minor in Spanish.