Rebecca B. of Westborough
Mapping Westborough’s Stone Walls

I decided to pursue my Gold Award project because I am interested in my town’s history.  Westborough is home to countless stone walls that border streets, yards, and travel through woods. I have always been interested in them, as one borders my own yard. Last year, I learned that many of these walls are hundreds of years old. They provide a rare glimpse of the past and that they were in danger. Through the effects of time, overgrowth, construction, and thieves, these pieces of Westborough’s history were quickly fading away. I worked with Westborough Community Land Trust (WCLT), an organization dedicated to preserving Westborough’s natural history.  Over the course of a year, I located and created detailed maps of the stone walls within the WCLT’s land.  My project will help to preserve the stone walls of Westborough as WCLT now has detailed maps of the locations of the walls and can ensure they are kept safe. I developed a deeper appreciation for my town’s history and for the craftsmen who manually placed each stone in thousands of miles of walls spread throughout New England. I also learned about time management, independence, responsibility, and survival skills. My dad accompanied me on many outings, with GPS in hand. He helped make my project an adventure.

Rebecca is a graduate of Westborough High School (WHS), where she was member of the National Honor Society, the cross country, indoor track, and outdoor track teams, as well a varsity racer on the WHS Alpine Ski Team.  She works at the Westborough Public Library and participates in Youth Group and WHS’s Christian Student Alliance. Rebecca joined Girl Scouts as a high school freshman and has enjoyed the opportunities that Girl Scouts has afforded her. She will enter UMass Amherst in the fall and major in Computer Science.