Abigail B. of Cherry Valley
Design, Construction, and Installation of Community Ice Skating Rink

Each year as the weather cools and the ponds begin to ice over, people head outside to enjoy the magic of winter. Unfortunately, the wonder can easily turn to dread if people aren’t careful about the pond or lake on which they choose to skate. This is exactly what Abigail wanted to change. When she became aware of the large number of people who accidentally fall through the ice each year, she decided to take action. With the help of volunteers, Abigail constructed a community ice skating rink for the town. In addition to building the rink, she provided a local Girl Scout troop with a crash course on winter safety. Throughout the project, Abigail learned the importance of working together to achieve a common goal. She hopes the community rink will become a tradition in town and has helped to ensure its continued success by developing a set of instructions and labeling for each and every part to ensure easy reconstruction in the future.

Abigail is currently a Freshman at Quinnipiac University located in Hampden, CT. She is studying health sciences and hopes to obtain a PhD in Physical Therapy. Abigail has been actively involved in Girl Scouts for the past 13 years and recently became a lifetime member. She remains quite active in college activities, including intramural soccer, The Big Event (community service), and Relay for Life. She has also completed an internship at Comprehensive Physical Therapy.