Kelsey W. of Uxbridge
Eastern Bluebird Bring Back!

The Eastern Bluebird has a striking appearance and a cheerful song which make it a favorite among backyard birders. Unfortunately, their population in recent years has begun to drop. The main cause, as Kelsey learned, is humans encroaching on their habitat and destroying their homes.

Kelsey worked with West Hill Dam and the Army Corps of Engineers to develop a plan of attack. She then set up work days at American Family Kempo Karate School with a group of special needs students. She worked with the kids to build blue bird boxes from materials she had donated. All the participants had a mental or physical handicap, which Kelsey admits was difficult, but also made the project that much more rewarding. Kelsey believes working with the kids was the most successfully aspect. “They all needed help in their own way, but they all signed up and were ready to work and help me succeed in doing my project.” 

The bluebird boxes were put up at the West Hill Dam recreation area along the Blackstone River. To round-out her project, she and the students participated in a community clean-up and environmental day at the West Hill Dam. In addition to building the bluebird boxes, Kelsey created educational signage, a video, and led a presentation about the importance of bluebirds to the local environment and the need for bluebird houses to keep them safe. Through her project Kelsey learned that “…children are fun to work with and that a mental and physical disability can’t hold you back.”

Kelsey graduated from Norfolk County Agricultural High School in 2012.