MaricelMaricel F. of Wilbraham
80 for Haiti

Eighty for Haiti was a project aimed at helping the people of Haiti, who experienced a devastating earthquake just a few years ago. Maricel selected Haiti as her area of focus when she learned how quickly the organizations that had “come to help” left, leaving only a few organizations to help rebuild and encourage growth in poor areas. Maricel developed a website,, featuring organizations located in Haiti which provide relief, education, and/or medical assistance to Haitians in need. The purpose of the website was to provide connections between those who would like to help and organizations that would accept hygiene supplies, school supplies, and even volunteers to go to Haiti. Maricel held a kickoff donation drive  which  allowed her to create over 100 hygiene kits, in addition to supplying 10-12 boxes of school supplies and several boxes of additional hygiene items. “I have learned many valuable skills throughout my project, especially the importance of organization and patience when things go wrong. I hope to continue my project by holding different events that benefit Haiti and by adding more and more organizations and facts to the website.”

Maricel Ferraro is a Girl Scout Ambassador and a junior at Minnechaug Regional High School. She has been a Girl Scout for many years and has served on the Girls’ Leadership Board and the GSCWM Board of Directors. Outside of Girl Scouts, she is a member of the Celebrate Life Club and Model Congress at her school. She will become the president of both clubs in her senior year. Maricel is also a member of National Honor Society. She has been an altar server at St. Cecilia's Parish in Wilbraham since 4th grade and has received the Pillars of Faith religious awards. She also served as a leader in the annual scouting retreat for the Diocese of Springfield. Maricel babysits and participates in town basketball and soccer. She plans to go to college when she graduates from high school next year.