MaryMary L. of Williamstown
Plays, Princes, Princesses, and Productions

As a lover of both children and theater, a combination of the two was the perfect jumping off point for Mary’s Gold Award Take Action Project. Driven by her own childhood experiences, Mary sought to give kids in her town the chance to experience theater without being hindered by the high costs of private camps. “[I remember] how my friends and I loved putting on small skits and playing theater-like imagination games on the playground. However, there were very few outlets for our theatrical energy.” With even fewer artistic opportunities in elementary schools today, Mary knew she what she wanted to do – provide a free/donation-based camp where children could learn about and engage in aspects of theater which were otherwise inaccessible. Children who simply wanted a place to engage in theater had an opportunity to do so, while those who knew little about the topic had a chance to explore, experience, and realize their own talents.

Having participated in numerous camps, theatrical and otherwise, over the years, this project gave Mary the chance to see what it was like to be on the “other side” of the experience, as well as gain valuable peer-mentoring skills. “Even if I do not run this camp again… I know that the project may still continue through one of my peers…” Her enthusiasm is contagious and the comprehensive materials and instructions she’s left behind will certainly be a big advantage to those taking over the camp in the coming years.

Mary is completing her first year Earlham College. An avid lover of theater, she plans to continue her involvement in college and community groups and hopes eventually to pursue a paid position or career in working with children, theater, or both! She also enjoys singing, which she expresses as a member of Earlham’s all-female a cappella group, “New Measures”.

“Having completed my 14th year of [Girl Scouting], I find myself not only with the joys and lessons which the experience has taught me, but also with excellent bragging rights.”