NicoleNicole D. of Northbridge
S.A.M.M.Y.2S Project

Smiling Always Magically Motivates You 2 Smile (S.A.M.M.Y.2S) – that was the title and philosophy Nicole embraced as she worked towards her Gold Award. Nicole worked with classes at W.E. Balmer Elementary School twice a week for the entire academic year to teach the students  the importance of kindness. Her project was based loosely on the book, “Have You Filled A Bucket Today,” which teaches kids to be kind and "fill our [invisible] buckets" with happiness. The project’s title was inspired by a very good friend named Samantha “Sammy” Prescott - “an incredible athlete, a brilliant student, and, above all, a smiley and enthusiastic friend to everyone she met!”

Nicole’s project culminated with the painting of a mural in the school’s main passageway depicting the very acts of kindness the students had participated in throughout the year. The mural was designed by Nicole and friends, and painted by the students. Many of the students still come up to Nicole at school and in the community just to say hello and offer their simple smile. She can’t wait to see what the future will bring for them as they become ambassadors of S.A.M.M.Y²S Project for their entire community. “Looking back on my project, I’ve realized that this is so much more than just an award.”

Nicole has been a Girl Scout for twelve years. One of her most memorable experiences is earning her Bronze Award by directing her town’s Veterans’ Day Celebration with fellow Girl Scout Amanda Leveillee. “I will never forget the look on those faces when we thanked them for their service to our country.” Nicole is very active in school as a NASA-MIT ICED Collaboratory Student Leader, a LINK Leader, a member of the a cappella choir, and she plays field hockey and softball – just to name a few. She is also lector and a Festival Choir member for St. Patrick’s Parish, a participant in St. Patrick’s In Action, and a member of Young Neighbors in Action. On June 27, Nicole will matriculate at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland.