Samantha H. of Holden
Perfectly Prepared

Weather in New England can definitely be finicky, which makes the potential for emergencies a constant threat. While we can’t control the weather, Samantha’s project aimed to prepare the community in advance. “I am very passionate about getting people prepared because I want the people I care about to be able to survive an emergency when there is something so tragic that the Police and Fire Departments would be overwhelmed.” After much research, Samantha held presentations which addressed the need to be prepared in any weather-related emergency, such as the ice storm of 2008. She became an expert on weather and how to prepare an emergency kit, then passed that knowledge on to her community. Her project will continue on through trainings sponsored by Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) and she plans to continue spreading the word to her community about the importance of being prepared.

“The best moment would have to be the presentations for the kids because I could present effortlessly to them and interact with them easily.” At the end of each presentation, Samantha quizzed the kids about what to do in different situations to gauge how much they learned from her presentation. “It was such an awesome feeling to be able to make an impact on them.”

Samantha is currently majoring in Linguistics at the University of Southern Maine, with a possible minor in Political Science and/or Marketing. She is stretching her comfort zone in college selecting activities which she hasn’t typically participated in, such as soccer, rugby and cheerleading. She also continues her community service with CERT, as well as her church and at soup kitchens. Samantha joined Girl Scouts in kindergarten and has always loved making new friends.

“Like any Girl Scout, my favorite times were cookie sales and our town encampment. I loved camping and having a weekend to learn new things like songs, fishing, and how to build a fire.”