Hi!  I’m Monica Baldyga, your Volunteer Development Specialist.  In partnership with volunteers in your community, I’ll help you through the process of becoming a volunteer with Girl Scouts of Central and Western Massachusetts.  We are excited that you are interested in volunteering to work with girls in your community. 

If you would like to become a leader, co-leader, assistant leader or advisor to a troop, you need to complete the following steps, before you start meeting with girls. If you are interested in volunteering in other roles, the steps may be different. Please contact me for more information.  

Steps to Becoming a Troop Leader/Co-leader/Assistant Leader/Advisor:
 (Feel free to use this information below as a checklist.)

  • Complete a volunteer application packet* which includes:

    *Submit your volunteer application, reference forms** and CORI form to the person leading the Welcome to Girl Scout Leadership presentation that you attend.

  • Read the Leader Position Description and Core Competencies. This is what is expected of leaders by both GSCWM and Girl Scouts of the USA.
  • Register as an adult Girl Scout member online or submit a paper form to GSCWM ($15 for the year or $375 for a lifetime membership) (Registering online is instantaneous and allows you to register for future trainings and events online.) If registering online, please provide a copy of your membership registration confirmation email to your Welcome presenter.  If registering via paper, please submit your paper registration form with payment to your Welcome presenter.
  • Complete the online Girl Scouting 101 course which takes about 45 minutes.  The course gives new Girl Scout volunteers an overview of the organization, the basics on working with girls of all ages and an introduction to Girls Guides and Journeys. Please be sure to check that the zoom on your browser is set to 100% in order to see the entire screen.  This is usually found listed under the page tab. Be sure to select Central and Western Massachusetts as your council when prompted.
  • Attend a Welcome to Girl Scout Leadership presentation. This presentation reviews the essential details required to begin a new Girl Scout troop and helps you know what to do now that you said “Yes, I’ll be a Girl Scout leader!" Click here for more information on this presentation and to find out how to RSVP for a session near you.

** In order to expedite you appointment as a volunteer, we strongly suggest that the individuals who fill out your reference forms provide them directly to you so that you may submit the references with your other application paperwork when you attend a Welcome to Girl Scout Leadership presentation. Otherwise they may fill out your reference forms and send them to me, via fax, email or mail.

In order to place you with a troop as quickly as possible, you will have 10 business days from the time your Volunteer Application is processed to complete these steps. Once these steps are completed, I will send you an official appointment letter (via email). At that time, if there are two appointed volunteers for your troop, I will provide you with a troop number.

Please contact me at mbaldyga@gscwm.org or 800-462-9100 x3610 (in Massachusetts) or 413-584-2602 x3610 if you have any questions. If you have mediating circumstances that will prevent you from completing the process within this time frame, please contact me to establish a timeline that works given your circumstances.

I look forward to helping you start your journey as a Girl Scout volunteer! 



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