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New: Tips for Successful Online Membership Experiences…

Complete this free home-study 20 minute session to find answers to the most common questions about why an adult member may be experiencing "issues" with GSCWM’s online membership registration and troop management systems. Discover strategies to ensuring girl and adult member information is efficiently and accurately updated in GSCWM’s member records. Questions answered include: How do I set up my personal profile (adult)? Why am I "pending"/"in process" for my role (i.e. leader, troop committee member, service unit manager)? As a leader, why can’t I see my troop? Why aren’t all girls/adults showing up in my service unit/troop? How do I get them there? What’s Family Management? As a service unit volunteer or leader,  which GSCWM report do I want to view to help ensure girls and adults are registered and "in the right place"? 

Required:  Optional for anyone interested in understanding how to use the membership, troop and family management elements of GSCWM’s online membership system.  Includes information for service unit and troop volunteers on how member placement and position coding happens at the council level.
Prerequisite: None
Cost: Free

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New: Journey into Girl Scouts
Have you been wondering how to customize a Girl Scout Journey and/or how the Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting fits in? This course will give you a better understanding of how to use the national resources to engage your girls in the exciting and rewarding Girl Scout Leadership Experience. 2 1/2 hours; face-to-face.

Required:  Optional for troop leaders, co-leaders and assistant leaders.
Prerequisite: GS101
Cost: $5

Click here for a list of upcoming Journey Through Girl Scouts Trainings.
No dates, scheduled? To request a course in your area, click here.



Need some help with traditional Girl Scout ceremonies or just want to learn some new twists on old favorites or how to help girls create a ceremony from scratch? Get concrete ideas to take and use immediately at this hands-on course. 2 hours; face-to-face.

Required:  Optional for troop volunteers and parents.
Prerequisite: None
Cost: $5

Click here for a list of upcoming Ceremonies Trainings.
No dates, scheduled? To request a course in your area, click here.



Three Processes, One Powerful Program
On every Leadership Journey, everything girls do—whether it's performing science experiments, creating art projects, cooking simple meals, or learning to protect their local water supply—is aimed at giving them the benefits of the Girl Scout “Keys to Leadership": Discover, Connect, Take Action. During this hands-on training, participants will explore the Keys to Leadership, familiarize themselves with Girl Scout Leadership Journey girl and adult guides, experience sample activities from Journeys, and discover strategies for customizing Journeys. Participants will also gain a better understanding of how every Girl Scout experience can be fun, girl-led, incorporate learning by doing and include cooperative learning experiences.3 hours; face-to-face.

Required:  Optional for troop leaders, co-leaders and assistant leaders.
Prerequisite: Girl Scouting 101
Cost: $5

Click here for a list of upcoming Three Processes, One Powerful Program Trainings.
No dates, scheduled? To request a course in your area, click here.

Community Enrichment Opportunities

Whether you work directly with girls or indirectly to support Girl Scouts, GSCWM encourages you, as a volunteer, to take advantage of learning opportunities in your local community. By participating in enrichment learning opportunities, you can not only enrich your own personal life, but enrich troop experiences and, if you volunteer at the service unit level, the experiences of other volunteers supporting Girl Scouts on a regional level. 

Please visit this page regularly to discover free or low cost enrichment opportunities available in your area that you may find relevant to your own personal growth and/or your role as a volunteer.  Most of these opportunities are provided by businesses and organizations, external to GSCWM and are open to the public.  GSCWM does not require volunteers to take part in any local enrichment opportunity, but we strongly encourage you to take advantage of these events. Please contact the organizers of these events directly for more information and to register. Are you aware of an upcoming learning event in your community that other volunteers might find valuable?  Email the information to volunteer@gscwm.org.



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