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A G.I.R.L. Journey


November Muse

Ah, November. We marked the transition back in time. Just one hour, but still.

Election Day. Moving communities forward and bringing gratitude for our great democracy.

National STEM Day. Moving girls forward and grateful to be doing our part to inspire girls to become interested in and even love science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Veteran’s Day. The ultimate giving to Country.

Women’s Entrepreneurship Day. “Accelerating and educating the world on the importance of why it’s pivotal to empower women in business globally.”

National Camp Day. Instilling an appreciation of the great outdoors and fostering a commitment to protect nature.

Thanksgiving. Thanks giving. Thank goodness for Girl Scouts.

As November draws to a close we give thanks for the opportunities we have on a daily basis to effect change, one girl at a time. Introducing her to her bravery when she sleeps outside for the first time; exposing her to business skills she’ll use later to run a company or a household; providing a backdrop to honor those in her community who serve with a selflessness she might not yet grasp. But it’s coming. Teaching her the wonders of programming robots and watching her pride when it heads just where she intended; helping girls and young women unleash their inner leader by instilling the courage, confidence, and character that lets her raise her voice and advocate for what she believes.

May you take the opportunity to reflect on the extraordinarily important contribution you bring to make it all happen. 

Pattie Hallberg
CEO, Girl Scouts of Central and Western MA