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Geek Is Glam

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 Girls must be a registered Girl Scout for the 2019-2020 Girl Scout Membership year (effective 10/1/2019-9/30/2020). To register, click here.


Saturday, October 12, 2019
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
For Girls in Grades 4-8
$35 per girl 
Registration Closes September 26th

Have you ever wondered, “How does that work?” or thought to yourself, “I could build that!” Explore, experience and experiment, not for a grade, but for fun! Meet talented women and experience exciting opportunities in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Discover how you can make a difference in the world.

If you have any questions about our Geek is Glam event please email us at

At Geek is Glam, you'll enjoy:

  • Interactive Workshops
  • Amazing Demonstrations
  • Hands-on Exhibits
  • Educational Career Panels
  • Lunch in a College Dining Hall
  • Free one-of-a-kind GIG t-shirt and drawstring bag!

This is a girl-only event. We are looking for adults to volunteer with us for the day! If you would like to be a part of this great event, please contact Katie Chappell at Volunteers are needed to assist in workshops, run registration, direct girls, be hall monitors and various other opportunities. All volunteers must be a registered member of Girl Scouts and have an active CORI on file with GSCWM and understand you will not be with your troop or daughter for the day.

The first 35 approved volunteers will receive a Geek Is Glam t-shirt!

Community Partners

We’d love to have you join us at our STEM GIG. Would you like to offer hands-on interactive workshops? Would you like to reserve a table during our Expo Hall? Would you like to put on a demonstration during our event? Are you interested in sitting on career panels and inspiring girls into STEM related fields? Perhaps you are interested in becoming one of our much appreciated donors! Please fill out this form and return to Tammy at and help us inspire tomorrow’s STEM leaders TODAY!

Algonquin High School Robotics

Make a mini robot for a mega race! Join the Algonquin High School Robotics FRC Team 1100 to learn about robots, FIRST and what it's like to be a woman in STEM. Then be sure to visit them in the Expo Hall to see large robot demonstrations and robot activities!

Bay Path DDE Honor Society

Forensic Science is Fun-at least Bay Path DDE Honor Society thinks so! Their workshop will teach you about fingerprinting and having you dust for your own.

Burncoat Robotics

Learn to program your FIRST robot using LEGO NXT with Burncoat Robotics. You'll learn how to make a robot drive and then use this skill to draw shapes as you drive!

c-Link Systems, Inc.

Robots Rule! And c-Link Systems, Inc. is coming all the way from Maine to prove just that with robots you can control. Be sure to visit them in the Expo Hall to see what robots they are bringing this year!

Connecticut Science Center

Stop by and visit with the Connecticut Science Center in the Expo hall to make solar bead bracelets and enter their raffle for some great giveaways-including general admission tickets!

Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University

Learn what veterinarians do and how they need the help of engineers to do it. Then you'll  answer the challenge as Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University asks you to design a device to help diagnose what is wrong with a sick dog. 

David Clark Co. Inc.

What  does it feel like to be an astronaut? David Clark Co. Inc. will show you! Try on a space suit, sample space food, play space games and even build a land rover during their workshops! They'll also be in the Expo Hall with aviation and communications headsets and space suits. Stop by for your David Clark baseball hat!

District Attorney Early's Office

Learn to protect yourself online with the District Attorney Early's Office! Learn all about cyberbullying prevention, how to protect your digital footprint and about emerging and existing technology. You can apply what you learn towards the NEW Cyberbullying Badges (not included). Be sure to stop by their table in the Expo Hall too.

Douglas Middle School

You've been shipwrecked, but have no fear-you have the power of STEM! Working with a team, you'll use your STEM skills to design, construct, and test a prototype solution to get your shipmates to safety. Learn all about how you can use STEM to make a difference with two Douglas Middle School teachers.

EARTH Ltd. at Southwick's Zoo

Southwick's Zoo and EARTH Ltd will be in our Expo Hall with interactive animal conservation activites and biofacts, and even a raffle basket with zoo tickets!

HEARD Strategy

Learn through hands on techniques how you can improve the way you tell stories through digital media. Video editing, mixed with social media can bring projects to life, entrepreneurs' dreams to realization, and of course, create some really cool content. Learn from HEARD Strategy & Storytelling some helpful tips and tricks to make your video and social media pop!

Hitchcock Center for the Environment

In order to mitigate the effects of climate change, we need to design buildings that use less energy and conserve water. And we need innovative thinkers to help us design them!  The Hitchcock Center for the Environment will help you propose a design, build a model, and test your prototype of a building that saves energy by collecting and storing rainwater for consumption by the building's inhabitants. Come with an open mind, ready to brainstorm, design and build!

Littleton Robotics-FRC Team 6328 Mechanical Advantage

Back with the very popular Girl Power photo booth with Polaroid photos you can take home, Littleton Robotics-FRC Team 6328-Mechanical Advantage will be in the Expo Hall where you can drive their 2019 robot around or do a LEGO Mindstorms programming activity!

Mass Audubon at Broad Meadow Brook

How can water be used to do work? Join Mass Audobon at Broad Meadow Brook to answer this question and to design and build a device that uses water to do work. Then be sure to visit them in the Expo Hall for some hands-on interactive fun with natural items!

Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation

Discover your own paleontologist (a person who studies fossils) with the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation. You'll use clues from photos and demonstrations to understand what it takes to become a fossil and where they are most likely found and you'll even make your own "fossil" to take home.

Massachusetts State Police Museum and Learning Center

What is CSI? Take what you think you know and shelve it! Learn about the fascinating careers in Crime Scene Investigation from current and former members of the Massachusetts State Police and participate in hands-on activities in collecting and processing evidence. Don't miss their Expo tables for more hands-on activities and information!

Mind Games with Science: Think, Learn & Have Fun!

Learn more about how you think by participating in games which illustrate our strengths and weaknesses as we sense, perceive, think, learn, remember, make decisions, respond and multi-task during Mind Games With Science and Education by Entertainment.

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

The Earth Science Division of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center invites you to become a GLOBE Observer. Stop by the Expo Hall to pick up information and begin sharing your observations with researchers and other citizen scientists right away!

National Ecological Observatory Network (Battelle)

What is phenology? Join the National Ecological Observatory Network (Battelle) for their workshop and find out! You can even meet Kristin Godfrey and learn all about her wildlife research in South Africa, the Caribbean Sea, and South America in her career panel or visit her ground water model and other ecological sampling equipment in the Expo Hall!

National Grid Sustainability Hub

National Grid Sustainability Hub joins us in the Expo Hall with hands-on demonstrations, activities and flyers.

Petricore, Inc.

Petricore, Inc. is in the business of making video games and they'll be in the Expo Hall showing off their latest project for you to try out!

Quinsigamond Community College

What you see is not always what you get! How do we see things and how does this affect what we perceive? Join Quinsigamond Community College to learn how we can see more or less than is really there. Visit them in the Expo Hall too for some demos on cool technologies using light and electronics, optics, photonics, robotics and more!

Rowe Reptiles

The Expo Hall is the place you'll want to go to see what friendly visitors Rowe Reptiles brought for you to meet and to learn about reptiles.

Studio Videnda

For those interested in both art and STEM, discover careers where you don't have to choose just one! Learn about exciting ways illustration, photography, and sculpture hold specific roles in STEM, and choose one of three activities to explore a career hands-on. Studio Videnda will also be in the Expo Hall with an interactive display about the arts and STEM. 

Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream

How "cool" is science? Negative 321 degrees, that's how! Join Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream in the Expo Hall for some really cool science experiments, nitrogen and ice cream samples!

The Discovery Museums

Shatter flowers and rubber bands, use a banana as a hammer, shrink a metal ball in just seconds, use everyday chemicals in exciting new ways and perform a metal altering experiment with The Discovery Museums. Or explore ideas of balanced and unbalanced forces while working with magnetic force while constructing an original moving toy of your own design!

The Girl Up Steminists of Littleton

Girl Up is a United Nations Foundation program aimed at empowering young women leaders and defending gender equality and they will be in the Expo Hall with hands-on STEM activities for you!

Tower Hill Botanic Garden

Learn how to use your senses to engage with the natural world through games, experiments, and investigations with Tower Hill Botanic Garden. You'll also hear all about careers in outdoor education and now to make the most of nature's classroom.

Umass Amherst Association for Women in Science

Learn about the life cycle of plants when you make your own succulent mason jar or come to  a workshop to learn the science behind a bath bomb and make your own with UMass Amherst Association for Women in Science! And don't forget to see what other experiments they have this year in the Expo Hall.

UMass Extension 4-HYDP

Join UMass Extension 4-H CS teens to "Pitch Your Passion" using Scratch or visit them in the Expo Hall for some popular National Youth Science Day experiments!

University of Massachusetts Amherst-Polymer Science & Engineering Department

Explore the world of polymers around us and their applications in our everyday lives through interactive chemistry demonstrations with the University of Massachusetts Amherst Polymer Science and Engineering Department.

Worcester FC Smiles

Are you a soccer fan? Then you'll want to visit the Worcester FC Smiles in the Expo Hall for your chance to win season tickets! The Worcester FC Smiles are Worcester's only professional women's soccer team and part of the National Women's Soccer League.