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Geek Is Glam

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Saturday, October 14, 2017
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
For Girls in Grades 4-8
$35 per girl 

Have you ever wondered, “How does that work?” or thought to yourself, “I could build that!” Explore, experience and experiment, not for a grade, but for fun! Meet talented women and experience exciting opportunities in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Discover how you can make a difference in the world.

We are very excited to have two speakers offering opening remarks and inspiration at GIG this year!


Kathryn Crockett is the vice president of Lamoureux Pagano Associates. She has a bachelor of architecture degree from Boston Architectural Center, a liberal arts degree from Mount Holyoke College, and is a LEED Accredited Professional. With strong programming and team managements skills, she is the project architect on many of LPA’s most prominent designs projects. Katie is also very active in a number of community and professional organizations.


A nerd at heart, Janna Brown fell in love with the weather at an early age. She decided to attend college in Vermont to study meteorology and while there, chose to become a broadcaster. She began her career 11 years ago in New York and worked many years in the mountains of West Virginia before arriving in Western Mass. She is now a Meteorologist, Forecaster and Broadcaster with Western Mass News.

At Geek is Glam, you'll enjoy:

  • Interactive Workshops
  • Amazing Demonstrations
  • Hands-on Exhibits
  • Educational Career Panels
  • Lunch in a College Dining Hall
  • Free one-of-a-kind GIG t-shirt and drawstring bag!

This is a girl-only event. We are looking for adults to volunteer with us for the day! If you would like to be a part of this great event, please contact Lizz Gordon at Volunteers are needed to assist in workshops, run registration, direct girls, be hall monitors and various other opportunities. All volunteers must be a registered member of Girl Scouts and have an active CORI on file with GSCWM and understand you will not be with your troop or daughter for the day.

The first 35 approved volunteers will receive a Geek Is Glam t-shirt!

Community Partners

We’d love to have you join us at our STEM GIG. Would you like to offer hands-on interactive workshops? Would you like to reserve a table during our Expo Hall? Would you like to put on a demonstration during our event? Are you interested in sitting on career panels and inspiring girls into STEM related fields? Perhaps you are interested in becoming one of our much appreciated donors! Please fill out this form and return to Tammy at and help us inspire tomorrow’s STEM leaders TODAY!

Aldrich Astronomical Society, Inc.

Newton's Laws of Motion have never been so fun! Join an Aldrich Astronomical Society's NASA Solar Ambassador to learn all about how Newton's third law works and elps us explore our solar system! Don't forget to visit their Expo table for other activities including meteorites, space artifacts, STEM activities, Astrophotography and 3D Mars Rover!


What does LED lighting, sunscreen infused UV ray protective fabric, touch sensitive metallics, drawing with 3-D pens all have to do with today's fashion? Join ArtReach and not only find out-create a futuristic 3-D "sketch" of a courture, fashion inspired uniform of the future!!


Join ArtReach for Drawing "UP" and be introduced to the techniques of drawing "up" with a 3-D pen and even create something to take home of your very own!


Visit ArtReach during the Expo Hall to try your hands at artwork and STEAM learning projects or meet the owner during one of the Career Exploration sessions and learn all about the fine arts, STEAM learning, and the art of fashion!

Association for Women in Science at UMass Amherst

Join the Association for Women in Science at UMass and make a mini terrarium while laerning about how plants are good for the air and the environment or make a mini rocket out of everyday items! 

Boston Society of Civil Engineers

Come learn about the role civil engineers play when building our infrastructures and participate in a hands-on engineering challenge with the Boston Society of Civil Engineers.

Brilliant Botany

From redwoods to wildflowers, the planet is covered in plants! Learn all about careers in plant science, awesome women in botany, new research findings and plant your own seed to take home with Brilliant Botany!

Cambridge Science Festival/Science on the Street

Cambridge Science Festival/Science on the Street always has the best hands-on activites at their table, like their Augmented Reality Sandbox and Mystery Tubes!

College of the Holy Cross

Come and investigate how glow sticks work, the many different properties of polymers, and the acids and bases that are found in our homes. The College of the Holy Cross will have hands-on activities that will leave you with the necessary tools to become scientific investigators of the world around you.

Connecticut Science Center

Don't forget to stop by Connecticut Science Center's table for some hands-on STEM fun!

Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University

One of our most popular workshops is always the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University and this year, they will show you how veterinarians use engineering principles every day as they take care of their patients.

David Clark Co., Inc.

It's all about space in David Clark Co., Inc.'s workshop! Try on a spacesuit, sample food that astronauts would eat in space and even play space games! 

Enchanted Passage Children's Bookstore

Don't miss visiting Enchanted Passage Children's Bookstore for some interactive STEM activities, including an engineering game, perform an experiment and do a science craft!

Engineering Ambassadors at WPI

Learn all about DC motors, how they work, what they are used for in every day life and their future applications. Then you'll get to create and decorate a dancing "jitterbug" using DC motors, CDs and paper clips with Engineering Ambassadors at WPI.

First Robotics Competition Team 1100

Join the First Robotics Competition Team 1100 from Algonquin Regional High School to learn about FRC, to see their larg robots, for demonstrations and even a hands-on STEM activity!

Fitchburg State University

Are you mindful or mindless? Find out with Fitchburg State University and how being mindful benefits you in school and at home!

Fitchburg State University

Let Fitchburg State University teach you all about oxidation and reduction with the Blue Bottle Experiment. You can also take a workshop on the isolation of carotenoids from spinach in a fun, hands-on experiment!

Flea Circus Fabrications

Join Flea Circus Fabriations during the STEM Expo for a hands-on STEM craft for you to explore!

Franklin Regional Council of Governments

Learn how to save the residents of Anytown from a hazardous materials disaster and determine whether you must evacuate or shelter-in-place and protect the environment from the toxic substance with the Franklin Regional Council of Governments.

Goddard Cadet Squadron, Civil Air Patrol

From hot air balloons to flight simulators and more, learn all about aerodynamics in action and sit in the pilot's seat with the Goddard Cadet Squadron, Civil Air Patrol.

Green Reapers Robotics

The Green Reapers Robotics team is back and will be in the Expo Hall with their various robots for you to interact with and learn about!


Join GSCWM for a session of fun experiments covering the study of geometric properties, vortexes, pressure, static electricity, polymers and propulsion. Wow! Why does it do that? What causes that zap? Do hands-on experiments that y8ou will take home and be able to WOW your family, friends and science teacher! Is it magic? ... No, SCIENCE!


We will be observing animals  and animal artifacts and learning how to create scientifically accurate representations in this workshop with GSCWM!

Integrated Concentration in Science Alumni Network (iCAN)

Ever wonder why alcohol can be so dangerous to living organisims? Join Integrated Concentration in Science Alumni Network (iCAN) and watch beet membranes lyse before your eyes and find out!


Robots-and more robots! That's what iRobot is all about! Join us to see every day robots and how they make our lives easier!

Mass Audubon at Broad Meadow Brook

Why are big trees so important? Join Mass Audubon at Broad Meadow Brook to find out! Measure a tree without cutting it down and learn the values of trees and their importance in urban ecosystems!

Meghan "Mouse" Schafer

What kind of roller coasters do you love? Learn all about cork screw, loops, wooden and steel roller coasters with Meghan "Mouse" Schafer-our very own GIG mascot!


Learn why the planets revolve around the sun in an interactive orbits demo that will demonstrate gravity, orbital dynamics and soloar system dynamics with MIT WGA^3!

Museum of Science

Engineering motion is a lot of fun when you use water pressure and interlocking blocks to build a moving machine and knock over targeted objects with the Museum of Science!

National Grid Sustainability Hub

Have you ever wondered how electricity goes from the power plant to your home or what happens when there is a power outage? Join National Grid Sustainability Hub for interactive games to learn the answers to these questions-and so many more!

Peabody Museum of Archaeology & Ethnology

How did historical Native Americans respond to their environments? Join the Peabody Museum of Archaeology & Ethnology at Harvard University for their workshop Home Sweet Biome to find out!

Project Oceanology

Make sure to stop by and visit Project Oceanology's table during the Expo and have some hands-on experiences with scientific instruments and live marine animals!

Rainforest Reptile Shows

From alligators, turtles and snakes from the neo-tropical rain forest to the sub-tropical rain forest of the world-you'll get hands-on (if you want to!) during this workshop with Rainforest Reptile Shows! You will be thrilled and excited by our Life-Time Girl Scout herpetologist who will give you every fact and dispel your misconceptions about the rainforest and the reptiles that live in them. 

Ronald G. Shapiro, PhD, LLC/Education by Entertainment 

Learn more about how you think by participating in games which illustrate our strengths and weaknesses as we sense, perceive, think, learn, remember, make decisions, respond and multi-task during Mind Games With Science and Education by Entertainment.

Seacoast Science Center

Be sure to visit the Seacoast Science Center during the Expo for great hands-on activities and a living tide pool creature that you can meet-and even touch!

Smith College

As always, Smith College brings it! Explore engineering design with balloon cars, basic electric circuits and electromagnetics, and the physical properties of minerals!

Sub Zero Ice Cream & Yogurt

How "cool" is science? Negative 321 degrees, that's how! Join Sub Zero Ice Cream & Yogurt in the Expo Hall for some really cool science experiments, nitrogen and ice cream samples!

The Art Cart

The Art Cart is joining us to show how art can help you better yourself and live a more confident life while working in your journal that allows you to think and color at the same time!

The Discovery Museums

Shatter flowers and rubber bands, use a banana as a hammer, shrink a metal ball in just seconds, use everyday chemicals in exciting new ways and perform a metal altering experiment with The Discovery Museums.

The Giant Game Company

Join The Giant Game Company in the Expo Hall for a GIANT good time! We'll have 5 Giant Games:  Giant Chess set, Giant Checker set, Giant Piano Keyboard, Giant Jenga game, and Giant Connect Four game for you to challenge yourself and your friends

The Learning Hub

Did you know that lemons plus Led equals power?? Learn all about it in a workshop with The Learning Hub!

The Learning Hub

Visit The Learning Hub during the Expo Hall for a Marble Roller Coaster activity and demonstration and participate in rain cloud activities!

The New England Aquarium

Stop by and visit the New England Aquarium's Expo table and test out engineering solutions to the problem of coastal erosion using model sandy coastlines, learning and applying science skills while becoming more informed about the possible careers in coastal management.


The sky is the limit! Join UNITEY CDC and use Geographic Information Systems (GIS) as a STEM skill to analyze almost any topic! Map the places you spend your time at and use those mappings in your schoolwork or use them to try and understand other communities.

University of Massachusetts Medical School

Learn all about the new and interesting breakthroughs in human genetics and a possible new gene therapy for Down Syndrome with the University of Massachusetts Medical School and even make your own candy karyotype or mitosis chart!

Unruly Studios

Introducing the first ever Active STEM Play experience. Unruly Splats is a set of programmable electronic floor tiles that you can code, jump on, and run around to play active games like hopscotch, relay races, and dance routines. Join Unruly Studios and learn how to design real-world games with code!

Western Mass News

A nerd at heart, Janna Brown fell in love with the weather at an early age. You may know her as the meteorologist, forecaster and broadcaster on Western Mass News-now meet her in person to learn what truly inspired her to study meteorolgy and become a broadcaster on tv!

Wilderness Experiences Unlimited

Loving that amazing ecosystem is all part of why we can do amazing things like sailing, SCUBA and snorkeling. Learn about oceans and ways to keep them clean with Wilderness Experiences Unlimited! Also join us to learn about goal setting and dreaming big-and how amazing you truly are.

Women in Robotics Engineering, WPI Club

Join the WPI Club Women in Robotics Engineering to build and code robots! You'll learn about the obsticles faced in basic robotics and about the many careers in the field!

Worcester Polytechnic Institute Admissions Outreach

Have you ever been on a college campus before? Wondered what it would be like to live there? Current Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) students will take you on a walking tour of the campus.  Your tour guides will talk about their experiences as WPI students, and you'll be able to ask them questions about what it is really like to be a college student!

Worcester Polytechnic Institute Biomedical Engineering Society

Your heart is responsible for pumping blood through your body, but sometimes it can be damaged. Learn about how Biomedical Engineers help keep hearts healthy and build your own heart valve to help repair the heart with the WPI Biomedical Engineering Society!

Worcester Polytechnic Institute, CEGO

What are chemical engineers, what do they do as chemical engineers and what do they do to have fun? Join Worcester Polytechnic Institute, CEGO to find out! See chemical engineering demos, chemical reactions and more! You can even use chemistry to solve a mystery murder!

Worcester State University

What chemicals are in YOUR food? Join Worcester State University and participate in two activities that will help you see the different molecules in Skittles, Kool-Aid and cabbage.

Worcester State University

Explore the need for sustainability in chemistry and learn about innovations in the chemistry field. Learn how to better our world through better chemistry as you then get to make a usable product using sustainable techniques with Worcester State University.

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