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Get Involved

Thank you for your interest in joining Girl Scouts. Here is helpful information to know as you prepare to register your girl or yourself.

Registering and "Troop/Other" Participation Options

Click “Join Today” to register your girl as a Girl Scout. Have a credit card ready to pay the annual membership fee ($35 for girls, $25 for adults). Our registration system sends you automated messages once you enter basic information. That allows you to pick up where you left off, if you’re interrupted while registering, and alerts us that you might need more assistance.

To Find a Troop

Click “Join Today”, and enter basic information on the first screen. Click "continue" to see ways to participate. Enter the troop number, if you know it. To search for troop and group opportunities in your area, enter zip code, search radius, membership year desired, and your girl’s grade for fall 2023.

Your Year of Adventure.

Girl Scouts are always up for new experiences—spotting owls on a night hike, learning to cook with solar power, writing poetry, or even starting a business.

Sound like you? We want you in our crew. 

At Girl Scouts, you’ll find a place to try new things, discover new talents, and most importantly, be fully, totally yourself. 

Join the squad and get ready to make awesome memories with forever friends. 

Sign up for our Extended Year Membership today. For a limited time*, girl membership is $55. Adult volunteer membership is $35. The memberships and fun start right away and goes through September 2024

*Girl Scout membership must be renewed annually. Membership year is October 1–September 30.

Don’t see a troop that works for your girl? You can…
  • Search for an alternative by increasing your search radius.
  • Register her to participate as a Juliette (Girls not registered with a troop). Select INDIVIDUALLY REGISTERED MEMBER. We have hundreds of Girl Scout program events and activities for your girl to love as a Girl Scout who is not in a troop. Your girl can always transfer into a troop later if one becomes available.
  • Provide us with your information and we will contact you to see what you are looking for and will add you to our waiting list.   We’ll let you know when an opening becomes available, and until then, we’ll keep you informed on a monthly basis.  We’ll do our best to recruit leaders to form new troops, but the troop won’t be able to start until we have at least two adult volunteer leaders.
What does it take to form a new troop?

Forming a troop requires a minimum of  2 volunteers and at least 5 girls.  (Troops can have 12 or more girls depending on girl grades and number of volunteers). You can help us recruit by spreading the word at your local schools, sporting events, neighborhood activities, and places of worship. We will also continue to direct girls in your area to troops with openings. 

No troop leaders for the troop you want?

Consider volunteering to be a troop leader yourself and getting a friend to join with you.  It’s the surest way to get a troop started that is convenient for you. Provide us with your information and we will contact you to start the conversation.

Considering being a troop leader?

Talk it through with us. Provide us with your information and we will contact you to start the conversation.  A “yes” is great news for girls, but it’s  also okay if your answer is “no”.

You can also click “Volunteer today” at the bottom of this page to see more information about leading a troop and to register as a troop leader. The annual membership fee is $25 for adults. 

Can I be a troop helper?

Yes! All adults are welcomed and encouraged to register as a member of Girl Scouts.  Girl Scouts is a membership organization and all adults must be a member of Girl Scouts of the USA. The annual membership fee is $25 for adults. To help with a troop, register as an adult volunteer. Volunteers working directly with girls must also agree to a background check and submit a Criminal Offense Record Information (CORI) form.  

Troop always need volunteer assistance.  Here are some of the ways you can help. 

  • Drivers and chaperones for field trips
  • Troop first aider for Girl Scout activities
  • Product Sales manager for the troop ( Nut and Cookie sale programs) 
  • Helping on an on-going basis at troop meetings and/or events


Annual Membership Fee

When you join Girl Scouts, you are a member of Girl Scouts of Central & Western MA (your local council) and a member of our national organization, Girl Scouts of the USA. Your membership provides Girl Scouts with the strength in numbers to provide advocacy and support for girls at the national level. As a member, you will have a voice at the local and national level, and are eligible to receive the benefits and privileges of membership.

What does the membership fee cover?

The annual membership fee is $35 for girls and $25 for adults. It covers one year of membership from October 1 through September 30, or any portion of that year from the time you registered. A small portion of the girl fee is retained locally to provide girl programs, financial assistance to girls, volunteer training, & support for girls in central and western MA.  The rest of the membership fee goes to the national organization to support needed program development and advocacy for girls at the national level, and provides for secondary accident/injury insurance while participating in Girl Scout activities. The membership fee is non-refundable.  

Does purchasing a membership guarantee a troop?

Purchasing a membership guarantees Girl Scout membership. Troop availability is dependent upon on troop volunteer availability. If there is not an open slot in a troop that fits your needs, form a team with other interest adults and start a new troop!  Check out our opportunity catalog for troops that are available for girls to register into at this time.  Check back for updates. There are frequent changes. 

Unable to pay the membership fee?

We offer financial assistance to cover the $35 fee for any girl who is unable to pay. Click the request for Financial Assistance.  Please allow a few days for us to authorize the request before you log back into the system and complete her registration.


What girls do in Girl Scouts 

  • daisy
  • brownie
  • junior
  • cadette
  • senior
  • ambassador

Juliettes: Girl Scouts not registered in a troop, all grades



Call us for help at 413-584-2602 or email Office hours are Monday-Friday, 9am – 5pm. If you leave a message, we will gladly get back to you.  (Check your spam e-mail and voicemail to be sure you didn’t miss our reply.)

When you provide basic contact information, you’ll be on our mailing list so that you can receive information (typically via e-mail) about happenings and fun opportunities to participate in Girl Scouts. You can unsubscribe to such e-mails at any time.


Your Year of Inspiration.

You can be a role model and have a blast doing it. Volunteer with Girl Scouts and be someone that girls can count on—the one who cheers them on, makes them laugh, and always listens when they need it. Just by being your authentic self, you can help build a community where every girl feels accepted. 

You don't have to have a child of your own to get involved, just unbridled enthusiasm and a passion for leading. Your local council can help get you started.

Sign up for our Extended Year Membership today. For a limited time*, you can join for $35 and keep the connection going through September 2024. 

*Girl Scout membership must be renewed annually. Membership year is October 1–September 30.