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International Day of Happiness

I very recently learned that March 20 is International Day of Happiness and well, it set me right off on thinking about all the ways Girl Scouts makes me happy.

I’m happy there is an organization whose sole purpose is to lift up its members to their highest potential, and it makes me happy to think about all the ways being involved in Girl Scouts gives girls (and adults!) access to life-changing events and experiences.

As CEO for the Girl Scouts of Central and Western Massachusetts, I’ve had some truly unique experiences I doubt I would have had if it wasn’t for Girl Scouts.

Some experiences are extraordinary and slightly terrifying (Ramble Wild, I’m looking at you) and some are fairly ordinary and yet leave a lasting impression or new found appreciation. If these experiences left a mark on me, image what they’ve done for the Daisies and Brownies and Juniors and Cadettes and Seniors and Ambassadors!

In no particular order, here a few of the Girl Scout experiences I’ve had that make me happy:

Getting a private tour of the Williamstown Fire Station with a delightful group of Brownie Girl Scouts.

Shooting my first arrow.

Throwing my first hatchet.

A carriage ride through Old Sturbridge Village.

Serving as a landing pad for delicate butterflies at Magic Wings.

Not just meeting, but having an audience with 9 Girl Leadership Board girls and Supreme Court Justice Sonja Sotomayor.

Learning to knit.

And learning to paddle a canoe. Okay, this last one is a little bit of a stretch… I’ve been in a canoe. It didn’t go particularly well but I did it and it still makes me happy!

Pattie Hallberg,
CEO Girl Scouts of Central and Western Massachusetts

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