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History Committee

“Every badge you earn is tied up to your motto. This badge is not a reward for something you have done once or for an examination you have passed. Badges are not medals to wear on your sleeve to show what a smart girl you are. A badge is a symbol that you have done the thing it stands for often enough, thoroughly enough, and well enough to BE PREPARED to give service in it. You wear the badge to let people know that you are prepared and willing to be called on because you are a Girl Scout. And Girl Scouting is not just knowing.....but doing.....not just doing, but being.” – Juliette Gordon Low, Founder of Girl Scouting

The museum exists to preserve memorabilia related to Girl Scouting, so it may be available for present and future users.

With these materials, we offer exhibits and historical program activities to help foster a sense of belonging to the Girl Scout organization founded in 1912.

Museum Tours and Hands-On Exhibits at Camp Laurel Wood in Spencer

Browse the exhibit and displays of unique Girl Scout memorabilia and library at the Gage Center at Camp Laurel Wood. Get a sense of how Girl Scouts have evolved over the years. Guided tours and vintage uniform try-on sessions are available by advance reservation. If your group is staying at camp for the weekend or you would just like to take a tour, do a program, or visit with Juliette Gordon Low make a reservation today. There is no charge for museum tours and they can be tailored to your group’s interest or badge work. Call 413-584-2602 or email Reservations are required.

If you are interested please email to schedule your visit

Vintage Uniforms
Did you know that GSCWM’s Girl Scout Museum has vintage uniforms that you and your girls can try on, wear during fashion shows and parades, and use to learn more about Girl Scouting during the past 100 years?

Historic uniforms may be rented for activities such as parades, fashion shows, theater productions, or World Thinking Day. 

Uniforms are available from both the Worcester and Holyoke Service Centers and are available in many sizes and vintages (from 1912-present).

Three weeks notice is required. Click here to reserve a set of uniforms. If you are looking for uniforms from a specific time period, please specify, otherwise we will find a mix of years which meet your size requirements.

Adventure Through Time Activity Boxes
Have you ever wondered what Girl Scouting was like in the past?  All you need is an Adventure Through Time Box.  There you will find a vintage uniform and handbook from another decade.  Try some badge activities, learn a new song, play a new game.  After completing the requirements, a Girl Scout History patch may be purchased. Click here to reserve a box.

Volunteers Needed – Donate Just 1 Hour Every Other Month
Volunteers operate our museum! We encourage you to consider being part of the team. Troops are invited to contact us about making a display and individual adults of every age are needed and appreciated. Can you assist with typing, record keeping or putting a display in place? Perhaps you’d like to help lead tours of our collection? Short term and continuing helpers are needed. To volunteer or learn more, contact

Donations to the Museum
Click here if you have an item to donate to the museum.

We want to hear from you! What types of exhibits or historic information would you like made available to your troop or group? How could we improve our tours? Any feedback you provide will help us provide better historic programming in the future.