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Fall Product Program

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Order Card Sales Sept 17 - Oct 17, 2021
Online Sales Sept 17 - Nov 14, 2021

Fall Product Girl Platform email request

The Fall Product Program offers girls and their troops a couple of exciting ways to not only participate and work on enhancing their five business skills (Goal Setting, Decision Making, Money Management, People Skills, Business Ethics) but to be a partner with GSCWM. All funds from our Fall Program stay in our local council. This means that they are able to help us keep our programming and camps at an affordable price. So all girls can join in on the fun of Girl Scouting. You can choose the adventure you would like to do by looking through this year’s Program Guide. There are a number of very cost effective programs that are made possible by you. We could not offer the wide range of options we have without your help!

1. The Magazine Program – Online Only
2. The Nut and Candy Program – Paper and online orders (shipping and girl delivery options available)

To participate, contact your girl’s troop leader. 

Order Card Door Hanger 

Forms and Documents:
Fall Product Parent Letter and Permission Slip
Fall Product Volunteer Manual
Fall Product Program Reward Opt-Out Form

Fall Product Troop Online Trainings September 5-16
These trainings will be held to help our Service Unit Level Fall Product Program Managers. You will need to attend the Service Unit trainings when possible. If you are unable to attend or would like additional training then please sign up for a time slot. You can sign up by clicking the link Troop Fall Product Sign Up Form and fill in the requested information. You will need to register by the deadlines below. No late registrations will be accepted. Confirmations will be sent out the day prior to the online training with the log in information.

DateTimeReg. Deadline
Sun Sept 56p-8pSeptember 2
Tues Sept 712p-2pSeptember 3
Wed Sept 810a-12pSeptember 6
Wed Sept 81p-3pSeptember 6
Wed Sept 86p-8pSeptember 6
Thurs Sept 910a-12pSeptember 7
Thurs Sept 91p-3pSeptember 7
Thurs Sept 96p-8pSeptember 7
Fri Sept 1010a-12pSeptember 8
Fri Sept 101p-3pSeptember 8
Sun Sept 127p-9pSeptember 9
Mon Sept 1312p-2pSeptember 9
Mon Sept 134p-6pSeptember 9
Tues Sept 1412p-2pSeptember 10
Tues Sept 144p-6pSeptember 10
Wed Sept 1510a-12pSeptember 13
Wed Sept 151p-3pSeptember 13
Wed Sept 156p-8pSeptember 13
Thurs Sept 1610a-12pSeptember 14
Thurs Sept 161p-3pSeptember 14
Thurs Sept 166p-8pSeptember 14