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GSCWM Cookie Boss Program

What is the GSCWM Cookie Boss Program?

IT’S A GIRL-LED PROGRAM RUN BY YOU!  The Cookie Boss Program is a way for girls not affiliated with troops to participate in the Cookie Program and earn funds to use in their Girl Scout Experience.

How can you participate in GSCWM’s Cookie Program?

Join the Cookie Boss Program TODAY (update permission slip and opt out form) and you can participate in one of THREE different ways based on your individual circumstances:


You’ll utilize just the Digital Order Card (DOC and not keep a physical inventory of cookies. The orders are placed online by your customers and delivered directly to the customer.  You are not responsible for handling any of the payment transactions for the sale.  Harness the power of the internet without the responsibility of physically handling cookie or money. 


You’ll participate in the traditional ways of selling cookies: door to door sales, cookie booths, taking orders from the order card and from friends and family. You will then put in an order in for one of our Cookie Cupboards to pick up cookies with your Cookie Boss Team Leader. You are responsible for turning in all cash for the sale. 

Both Online and Traditional

You’ll use both the Digital Order Card and traditional ways of participating in the Cookie Program. You are responsible for submitting physical orders to the Cookie Boss Team Leader for pick up from one of our Cookie Cupboards and responsible for turning in the cash for the physical cookies you order.

*Continuing this year, there is also an option for “girl delivery” for local customers when participating in online preference. You can harness the power of the internet without responsibility of physically handling money!

Want more information, reach out to your Cookie Boss Team Leader, who will be working with you throughout the program to fill orders, answer questions and help out with your Cookie Program Experience. We also have a Cookie Boss Manual as a quick reference!

Jessica Gonzalez, Cookie Boss Team Leader

Important Cookie Boss Program Dates

Before orders can be placed you must turn in permission slips 


Order Card Order Taking Begins

Digital Order Card selling begins


Cookie Booth Scheduler Opens- contact Jessica at 


Cookie Program Begins


Week Two orders due by 8pm to


Week Three orders due by 8pm to


Week Four orders due by 8pm to


Opt Out Forms Due to Jessica at


Week Five orders due by 8pm to


First Payment Due to Council


Week Six orders due by 8pm to


Last day to make cupboard exchanges


Week Seven orders due by 8 pm to


Second Payment Due to Council


Week 8 orders due by 8pm to


Week 9 orders due by 8pm to


Cookie Program Ends


E-mail Cookie Boss Leader:

# of emails sent via DOC

# Project Care and Share sold


Final Payment Due

Month of May

Cookie Incentives Arrive-you will receive an email to pick up at either the Holyoke or Worcester Leadership Center

End of May

Cookie Credit numbers will be emailed to all girls



  • Cookie Boss Permission Form / Cookie Boss Opt Out Form
    Girl and parents must sign permission slips to participate in the Cookie Boss program. No orders will be accepted unless a permission slip is turned in. 
    Girl and parents Cookie Boss Junior or higher sign to opt out of the incentives for the Cookie Program to receive additional Cookie Credits.
  • Cookie Boss Manual
    The Cookie Boss manual. Everything you need to know for the Cookie Boss Program